There is a limited time deal of 2 golden drafts for 600 runes, is it once in a lifetime only?

This deal appeared for me a few months back, and i bought.
Now it has appeared again for some of my teammates, but not for me.
Are these 2 deals related? Why i cannot see the deal ? Is it a “once in a lifetime” deal?

This deal is false advertising.

I just did this deal and I got two Rare 3-star dragons.

This deal should not be called “Epic Dragon Draw” because the name implies that you will get two Epic 4-star dragons.

maybe its just your luck, it refers to epic drafts maybe? not guaranteed epic dragons

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I bought it before too,and now i can’t see it,does that mean we won’t get it ever again ?

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Hey everyone, thanks for letting us know about this! Our team has been notified, and they’re looking into it. If you have any other information, do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at with your support key. Thanks!

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I too sadly bought this and got two 3* dragons… Very very sad viking over here…:sob::sob::sob:

a clanmate got 2 four stars so keep hope alive!

mine doesn’t show this. my clanmates got this offer, but not me. hope they fixed it soon…

I took the deal too, acursed poor impulse control >> Fanghook and a Driftcleaver, I think. Terrible.

Honestly I was all for supporting a growing game, but with every ridiculously priced package (70 USD, really?) And the ludicrous drop rates on anything worthwhile in ‘premium’ drafts, so dwindles the chances of my wallet opening again. Ah well.