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There is chest box in Draft, Clan & Duties but not in Thawfest games. If a chest appears in Thawfest games on next update soooo I will appreciate it & game will become more interesting for me. Friends what will all of You say about the suggestion

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I feel like there is no need for a chest in the arena (for clans you literally play to open the chest, and the drafts are a bit useless atm so getting a reward from using them is pretty neat) and for the arena i feel like gathering medals to buy rewards is fine as it is (the rewards are better than in the clan chest and draft chest tho).

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@TheBlueFox696 yeah, at least we get to choose what we want there. The same cannot be said for anywhere else

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I think it would be cool, but they can’t make the game to easy or they’ll lose players faster because they essentially beat the game

I don’t think it would make the game too easy, its just that there is no need for an arena chest (unless you add loot boxes) i finished the drsgon book but there are still lots of other things to work on.