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There is just something I don 't like..🤔

Hi, I would like to know what your thoughts are about my team. There is something that I don 't like about the way it’s working. But i can not figure out what. It sounds silly I know. Yesterday I unlocked Trago and today Tryostronix.
And yeah I have drago gen 2…

Thank you for your advice. Here is my team

Tryostronix is too fragile at that level, plus she’s a little redundant with Gorgosuchus on your team as well. I would use Monosteg as a replacement since she can hold her own at base level. I’m at 4100 trophies and still use a level 17 Monosteg

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Thank you, I will try that. Sometimes other people see things different, a fresh set of eyes. :smile:


yeah, posti and gorgo are redundant and the triostronix at that lvl don’t work very well if you are facing dinos lvl 20 or more. My suggestion is to use monoestego or tragodistis, trago still working very fine and the components are easy to get but monoestego has an incredible power and very helpful nullifier

Im gonna suggest dropping gorgo… there was a point in before 1.5 when an overleveled gorgo was quite good in the arena… 1.5 balances changes did it no favors… looking at your dino levels id imagine your right at the place gorgo starts being less effective.

Save that kapro for spinotah.

I’m working on Spinotahsuchus, but with all those 10-fusions, it’s going to be a slow proces​:expressionless::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Your team lacks speed.

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I always had a serious weakness for Tany, she was always on my team. Untill a few weeks ago, shall I put her back in? For gorgo perhaps?

I’d recommend Pyrritator, but since it’s going to get nerfed, Tany might be the best option… And I’d bench Tryos until its level is higher… I had that speed problem in my team too and I fixed it with Utasino (kind of… there’s still many faster dinos out there that gives me a lot of trouble… Indoraptor being the worst).

There is one way to find out. I will try them both and look wich one fits me the most. :grin:

I still rock my gorgosuchus. I love using it to finish off a dino then eating the next dino with a powered up dsr. It’s 21 atm, able to lvl up.

That’s the way I use it too. I switched Tryo for mono. I’ll see how that goes. And then look for a spot die Tany / Pirritator. Problably for Draco.:thinking:

Yeah but post 1.5 i havent had an issue killing a ramped up gorgo… normally with my stegodues… buff in health helped in those regards

I use it as a finisher then take a huge chunk out of whatever pops up next. I love one shotting crit through evasion indoraptors. It certainly has its counters, but I plan on taking it as high as I can. Along with posti.

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I’m also a big fan of Gorgo… things are harder now that so many dinos got HP or speed buff, but it’s still a beast if you use it correctly. Never understood players who send Gorgo as their first dino. Such a waste.