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There is no dusk or dawn in the game goes from day to night

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Yep, I wondered whether someone had reported it already or not. It seems to happen with every new patch.

Not missing dusk/dawn to be honest. They could leave it as it is now.

Except that there are a few dinos who only come out at dawn and/or dusk.

There’s only one, currently. They can remove that system all along…

Game passed directly form day to night, no more dusk. Does anybody else noticed this or is only my game?

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I hadn’t noticed this yet, but now l’ll watch for the abrupt switch. I love the dusk effect, sometimes I even take screenshots. If it’s gone it will be a bummer.

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I’ve noticed it too. I liked it, hope it’s just a bug and they haven’t decided too remove it.

@Ned hi, if can inform this to Ludy dev, since you going to report with the other bugs. some people might find this insignificant. but to me its deep impact. i want to dart dimo that appear only dawn/dusk

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Hey neodejavu, I’ve let our team know, and they will look into it. Thanks for reporting this to us!

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This happened when 1.6 was released and within a couple of weeks, it was fixed