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There is no point upgrading your dinos. The game is a big scam

I hate to admit it but I have spent pretty much money on this game lately. I have bought upgrades and buffed my dinos so I can win more battles but I’m doing worse than ever. I have dropped about 300 trophies in one day and I keep loosing almost every battle.

So I beg you, don’t spend ANY money on this scam-game because you wont get any better with stronger dinos. The game wants you to buy upgrades so you can do better but you get opponents that are even better, every time.

You can max out Attack, Speed and Health but you will not do better in battle because the game will pick a opponent that is much better. You don’t battle real people, it’s all fake.


Talk to me again when you know what I’m talking about

Baseless conspiracies about rigged battles and only fighting bots discredit actually valid and present issues with the game. These need to be phased out.


Hey my Swedish friend…?

Coulden’t agree more.

Have played since start 2018, that game is not at all the same as today.

There is no point of spending money on the game, those dollars dosen’t make any difference in the team.

The boosts have been sold for over 100 days, since the version 2.0. Include the boosts from 1.0 and the game dosen’t work.

My Trophy is at ~5500

Yep, totally baseless conspiracies, you do fight real people (i know this for a fact because I’ve run into multiple people in the arena that i know), and leveling your dinos and boosting does matter, the matchmaking system is just busted and ludia is too lazy to fix it


It’s also funny how people post this sort of stuff with 0 evidence to back it up if they’re so sure the game is cheating them. Lol


jwa Is a casino game but with Dinos and fuzzy creatures. Nothing more nothing less. If you like a gamble and enjoy the creatures, have a nice alliance, don’t panic when you lose and can keep your wallet closed. It’s all fun and games. If you actually think you can beat the system by buying all sorts of stuff you’re no longer playing, you’re investing. This means you expect revenue… well you won’t. Not now not ever.


you used to fight bots when JWA first came out. even when you had all single digit-level dinos … win 2 games in a row and you’d have to fight level 30 bots. then when you inevitably lost, the loading screen would say something like “having trouble winning? pick up an incubator in the shop!”

This game has always been a cashgrab. I don’t understand how people can spend money on this game, but well, it keeps the game alive I guess, so do what you have to, even if it is completely mad.

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The words “Money Pit” resonate in my mind lol


Pay to win: Yes
Unfair at times: Yes
Scam: No
Not fightning real people: Nonsense!

Moving up the ranks you battle players you know all the time


“Only one more must die before it reveals its secret” :wink::yum:


I’ve had people I know battling me… I just don’t recall battling them. Also they don’t appear in my opponents list… :thinking:

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if you battle someone on your friends kist they dun appear on your recent opponents

I’ve played people in my alliance many times, go to chat and there’s a “good game _______” message waiting. I’ve friend requested people I’ve had a bunch of good battles with and see them online or offline. It’s a grind but it’s real people and you can advance but part of it is luck and there are streaks. I’ve been inching up every season without spending so if you’re spending and leveling and losing it could be user error or you just need patience

That’s obvious, isn’t it… There is always someone stronger than you, and you will endlessly be obligated to spend money.

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It isn’t a scam at all. You have to decide how you want to proceed. If you want to spend money then do so. If not, then getting to the top the long way round is your path. Or set yourself an alternative goal and work towards that.

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I think that I can agree with both sides of the argument or that I would like to try to anyways.

As with many mobile or trading games these days, to be the best, you have to pay, rather then use your brain and demonstrate your skills. (Yes, the most common sense of a way to beat a dino is to have a higher lvl) E.g. lvl 10 stegosaurus vs lvl 5 stegosaurus.

However - With the introduction of epic, legendary and unique dinos - Well that’s just a kick in the teeth, especially lets be honest for most of us, who can only manage to catch a handful of dinos every day - I am not even going to go into the amount of coins you need to start upgrading from level 16 onward.

So - yes you think to yourselves logically or after hours of game-play, pale looking eyes and aching hands, let me buy some gear to really beef up my attack! Well - Let me put it this way - who ever through a penny into a fountain and saw a million dollars come back at them?

You don’t lol and that’s what this game is all about - it’s kind of like gambling and I think that somebody should look into that, cause I don;t think that everyone can just walk away so quickly after spending a bit of money and realising that this is a business, like many other games or trading cards etc out there.

So - you have a choice here like someone has mentioned of doing what you can and just to have a bit of fun sensibly! Set goals of what you want to achieve, but don’t get to obsessed! It’s a game and yes a very cruel one, especially with the amount of glitches and cheaters - By cheaters I don’t mean anyone spending £1000’s on the game, but those that hack the system and I am sorry, but Ludia has always been to late to sort this out and doesn’t care!

So lastly, the games addictive yes and has flaws abd lots of them - You think you can become the ultimate champion by spending £10 - £100 - £1000 - infact even if you spent £10,000 on this game you would end up denting your bank balance and still get frustrated lol!

My advice would be to try the lottery… Oh and if you win, don’t forget your little friend here :slight_smile:


I play the game that works for me. This is my whole team as of now 100 level 20-21 Creatures to choose from… and growing.

I now have 20 of 22 unique’s, 35 of 39 legendary’s, 22 epics, 17 rares and 6 commons. None are boosted. I don’t spend any money but I play every day, maxing coins on drops and finding the dino’s I need to bring creatures up to this team level. I have so much extra DNA, I’m constantly giving it away to my alliance members cause I don’t plan to level anything past 21, ever on this account.

I have to say, I don’t get bored of the arena although I seem to be playing more AI’s than people lately.


If you want to see a real casino game runned by an actual international casino company, go play raid shadow legends lol

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