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There is something fundamentally wrong with a majority of the players in Lockwood Library Arena

If you are running an entire strike team of all eight creatures at level 30 w/30 boosts (a majority of the players I battle fit this description, or come very close to it), there is something fundamentally wrong with the way you are battling in this game. My question is why are you still so low in trophies and yet you can’t advance your creatures any higher than they are? The top player has over 10,000 trophies, and the number 2 and 3 have over 8,000. (one of them is in my alliance so i know there’s no cheating or anything crazy going on other than good strategy and great battling). So you have the same 240 boosts on 8 level 30 creatures just as they do, but yet you are almost 5000 trophies behind them. There are literally 2 arenas above the Library, and yet you sit in this arena, (which should be for mid-level 20’s) and basically get your wins from destroying the players like me who run 24’s and 25’s, solely because not only do you get the increase in health and damage with every level increased over mine, but you also get an additional boost to add, only furthering the gap. I wouldn’t complain but the past 25 battles I’ve done these past few hours, the lowest level creature I saw was 28. Usually I at least see some players that are at my levels,24-27. But not today. I don’t get it? Why is the library so congested when there are two arenas above this one, plus not to mention an additional 3500 trophies that clearly are capable of being gained after those two arenas, that consist of players with the same level creatures and same boosts applied as these ones in the library? Perhaps tone down your erlido’s and Thor’s and focus on other creatures, because those are only good for beating up those that are a few levels lower on average. You do realize your creatures can’t get any higher levels or have anymore boosts applied to them.


To farm easy incubators perhaps?


They just need more incubators. This arena will be easy for them to do and win battles! Playing battles is being hard bcoz of arena droppers.

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Didn’t think that one through, so do they lose on purpose to ensure they stay down in the library?

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Yes! Exactly, that’s what they do😠

Do they wait until they get into the Gyrosphere to purposely lose?

Is it fine if a drop from aviary and use creatures that i think look good like alloraptor and pokaidei??

No, that’s awesome to try out new creatures and break away from the norm, again, i just think that too many level 30 max boosted strike teams inhabit the library

There is literally no incentive for them to battle any farther up…

Once you hit Lockwood estates at 4K trophy’s your earning the same amount of boosts per incubators as someone in shores.

And once you hit avairy you unlock the last arena exclusive.

The arenas library, gyro, and shores offer nothing extra in terms of rewards from incubators not even extra coins.

So why bother climbing other then to hit your normal high spot for the seasonal reward which is junk half the time.

We’ve only been asking for better rewards so top players stay at the top for like over a year now. Ludia doesn’t seem to be interested. Because droppers have a tendency to speed up incs when their farming incs.


and speeding up incs means spending 30 HC to do it, or 3 HC, until its all 8 hour incs, right? Damn their greed and money making tactics

Or watching the videos to speed them up which gives Ludia money from the advertisers I assume

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They only need to get as high as they can early in the month for the monthly dna, after that when they get where they want, drop for incubators

There is 2 ways to do.that, 1 is to go high enough that you have AI more than half the time or drop low enough that every battle is a snap.

As someone who dropped a few months back to farm battles and avoid the chaos of Nublar Shores, I can say Library is tougher than Gyro Depot at times. I pulled a full 30 squad and barely won most matches.

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it does, which surprises me that there aren’t more video watching (Ludia making money off adverts) options available throughout the game

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Its quite disruptive to the gaming experience if you have too many ads. There are few places to stick ads in without making the game unplayable and more angering than needed.

I think what he is referring to is more options to speed up time by choosing to watch an ad rather then having one shoved in your face… like watch an ad to be able to fip sooner. Or what an ad to be able to spin a stop again rather then waiting 15 minutes.


I think the problem is worse than normal as a lot of “top” players stayed unboosted after the shuffle and dropped into Library; I suspect a few are now reboosting and trying to rise again. Personally I don’t think it will be that easy - Library is a mess - I was glad when I stopped dropping into it each reset.

For me it is when I CANNOT run max incs.
If I run out of time and have to run without an INC running that’s a problem.
I then drop 300 trophies when I find time and try again.
This seems to work well for me.
5700 trophies seems to be my sweet spot where I can run Incs 24/7 without being miscreant in the arena.

Some prefer a 100% win rate and drop WAY down there.
240 boosts in library is frowned upon by me, but who am I to judge.
I used Library as my base level to figure out where my raid team would fit in the arena. LOL

Precisely, couldn’t have worded it better myself. Thank you

There were adds for spinning drops, but they removed them.