There is too much wrong with this game

First of all: I am aware no game is perfect and games often take some time to get polished, especially in times were there is no need to polish a game before its release, since it can easily be updated thanks to almost nationwide internet infrastructure.

But it is just ridiculous how unpolished JWA is and how little effort Ludia makes to improve the game. In the following there are just a few points that are more than annoying to me and have been known issues for months. Feel free to discuss them!c

  1. Dinos spawn in supply drops for months, nothing has been done about that. No need for further explanation needed I think.

  2. Matchmaking is still unfair af, you face players several levels above on a regular base. If this should avoid waiting times, I am more than happy to wait a minute or two. I am sure there are more than enough players with similar skills. If it’s not, fix it, it is just unfair.

(Yeah, some players derank on purpose, but many do, because they face the same problem in their tier and are tired of battling for an hour to get 4 incubators.)

  1. There are so many glitches (especially in matchmaking)
  • I lost a match today. No big deal. But I lost a match I was about to win because the enemy defeated 2 (TWO!) dinosaurs.
  • Damage display is bugged.
  • Stuns are bugged and can take 2 turns for no obvious reason.
  • Speed display is bugged
  • sometimes your attack buttons disappear
  • and many more
  1. Matchmaking mechanics are too random to be controlable and I doubt RNG works how it is supposed to work
  • The game choses your team. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you aren’t. Yeah, you can try to balance your team, still you might have bad luck. I have 2 legendaries that rarely get picked, whereas I have 2-3 dinos that seem to get picked every battle. (a little exaggerated)

  • Stunning happens way to often, especially with “standard” attacks (10%). It just feels that the probability doesn’t match the times you actually get stunned or stun someone by these attacks.

  • Same goes for cloak, evade, criticals ect.

Of course I can’t prove this point. I don’t know the game code and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to read it. From what I know about maths it just simply doesn’t feel right. I know, many of you will now point out comfirmation bias and tell me, that their iRex never cloaks, but I still doubt rng works how it should. And given all these bugs above, it seems more than possible.

  1. p2w system is terrible compared to similar games

Let me point out that I studied management and I am fully aware of how this game is financed and that Ludia will do what they need to make profits from it, but they should find a smoother way to handle it. This game is p2w and it is okay. I am not targeting top500.

  • If prices were reasonable, I had no problem to pay a few bucks for a game I enjoy, but having to spend 50 Bucks for ONE incubator is just mad. Of course I don’t know their numbers, but from my experience, I highly doubt this is the best way to maximize profits.

  • Buy in incubator, get a legendary dino. This was just the worst thing they could do to the balancing of matchmaking. So many players with “average” teams now have not 1 or 2, but 3 or 4 legendaries, just absurd. Won’t affect high level players that already have a team of legendaries or players that have no problem spending more than a few bucks on this game, but affects “average” players.

  • Coins are to rare to make progress. I know why they did this, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it is just customer unfriendly game design. People don’t like to be forced to spend to make progress and happy customers are more likely to spend. PoGo made huge profits, even though spending won’t even help you in pvp (since there is no pvp)

I could continue this list, but for now, I think these are enough points made to point out why I think this game is more unpolished that it should be. Feel free to tell me if you disagree, looking forward for discussion.


Priorities are being made…current priority: nerfs :wink:

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totally agree, there comes a level at which the game becomes demotivating, it is too noticeable that the battles are arranged to keep you on a level, the attack power of the same dinosaur varies from one fight to another at will of the game

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There is just no better feeling than coming from a losing spree, thanks to lvl 20 noobs dropping to Sona, and being on the edge of finally winning a battle, which suddenly gets lost, after the opponent kills 1(!) of my dinos. In these moments I am once more than happy and I don’t buy incubators or VIP. This game deserves no support at all before the fundamental game mechanics haven’t been improved by far.