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There needs to be a purpose for walking around

I started playing this game less than a month ago, and one thing that I noticed about this game is that walking around and moving does nothing. Sure, you can move around to catch different dinosaurs, but I wish the distance you travel actually did something in the game.


They culd make incubators “hatch” by walking that would be interesting


But thats an exact ripoff of Pokemon Go, and i’m sure the Pokemon Company wouldn’t like that, but Ludia could do something similar.

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They can’t do anything about that. They tried to do something about when Draconius Go came out and failed.

The only thing that movement helps in this game is spawns. If you use a scent capsule, walking can result in 2 dinos spawning at the same time. There is also the “proximity spawns” that only show up on the map when you are within 50 meters of them.


I think the scent spawns are good enough. I don’t want a repeat of PoGo where I feel obligated to go for a 14 mile walk every day (or cheat).


Why not “borrow” the buddy option. then we could pick a non-hybrid to be our buddy and gain small amounts of their DNA walking


Yeah if I can have a tyrannosaurus following me as I’m playing that would be awesome!

Basically the movement is good for scent spawns and spawning hidden dinos


I just want to say I love this idea every time I read it I hope it happens more and more

Why not go a step further and have a buddy dinosaur have the option to battle the dinosaur rather than or in addition to darting it. That would add a new layer of PvE for those who refuse to use the previous rat infested arena, and would be a plus to actually going out and hunting.

Have a little popup asking if you would like to dart or battle the dinosaur, maybe even both.

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It could grab the dinosaur and make it much easier to catch epics, or it could give you extra time.

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It could also kind of scout dinosaurs on the map, you set what rarity your after and the pet will give a kind of rough idea which way to head.

Tracking with its sense of smell or something.


hey guys

What if you combine walking with some other things.

I think of „drone extensions“
How it could work:
You have a drone manageing menu button where you can choose between two items:
1 Time extension (longer drone time)
2 Range extension (longer drone Range)

If you click on one extension there are two possibilities
1 Charge
2 Apply
IfYou choose charge it charges the battery oder That extension while walking (for example 5km for one full charg)
Then you Can use the extension and choose apply and when you hunt the next dinosaur the extension becomes active.
After that, you can charge the extension again

Another idea:

lets call it proximity drone

It is a permanent item in your bag.
You also charge it by walking and when the battery is full you use it like a scent
Then it shows the proximity spawns in your area(lets say 150m radius around you)
That would give us hints where to Go.

I think that would be motivating and could give walking a purpose and bring a nee aspect and variety to the game

What you think?

Regards and happy hunting


Great idea! I just hope the mods listened to smaller topics more

I also like the idea of a buddy to collect dna while walking

In the end it is a geo/map based game so i think that walking must have more effects than just going after spawns

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I’d put Kapro as my buddy, lol.

I would use T-Rex Gen 2

Having a walking buddy is probably a bit too much like PoGo but a thought could be to have a JW jeep instead of the radar scanner on the map page. That would quite cool.

Also, I do think walking should help speed up incubators.


We can make them do tricks as we walk! That’s a goood girl! Sit! Roll over! Play dead! Don’t eat me!


Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions, everyone. :slight_smile: