There needs to be other ways to get interactions for sanctuaries

I had no time to play earlier today and I need 1 more interaction with a dinosaur to get my DNA. I am trying to get smilocephalosaurus and I am running out of time to get pachycephalosaurus DNA. I am also low on smilodon DNA and I keep getting 10 DNA every attempt. Whereas I get 30-50 almost every time I fuse Diplotator. Just my luck on legendaries. You should be able to get interactions other ways besides just 2 per free incubator. I can’t complete my daily missions to get the DNA which is so upsetting. I have 3 tries left with smilodon assuming I can get more pachycephalosaurus DNA. But I don’t see myself getting smilocephalosaurus due to these reasons. It is very annoying.

If interactions are this rare, they should give the most DNA instead of the least.


I agree, I forgot to mention that.

Once again today my mission is to interact with 3 dinosaurs.

Well I did it guys. I thought I would run out of smilodon DNA but I got 200 smilocephalosaurus DNA on one attempt. I am so happy!!!

You can get 200 DNA on one fuse? O.o And I thought 100 was highest when I got it.

This was my second time. It happened on my Diplotator too.

Interaction gives less DNAs. So probably hoarding it for Daily Missions is the good idea