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There should be a a larger variety of Dino’s that spawn from the scents


Ya heard me fellas. I’m sick and tired of being bombarded with Dino’s like einosaurus. We all have that one Dino that we see time and time again, that
A. Doesn’t have a hybrid
B. Already has a hybrid that sucks
Today I used a rare scent and it was going good. I was getting some velociraptor dna, and was 188 dna away from another indoraptor fusion. Until disaster struck. Enter the einosaurus invasion. I had more than 10 minutes left before I got bombarded by them, and the occasional Charlie.
Don’t ask me why I leveled it up, dumb people do dumb things.

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lol and ban wait times of 2 minutes.

and give us unlimited darts man!!

and let me stop and restart the scent when i feel like it.

and how come i dont get coins if i direct hit something?


You seem a little tense


Don’t use your scent in the evening if you want to avoid local commons, they spawn most of the time in the evening.


nah, im two teepees. dad joke.

guy goes to therapist and says im having these dreams… one night im a hut, the next im a teepee. the therapist says, relax, you are two tents(too tense)


Your profile god me dead, geez man I can’t stop laughing, sorry if you thought I was serious. I’ve never posted anything super serious on hear, I just post things that I get annoyed about, the title may sound pretty bad.

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Let me make it sound more mature





Yeah I did it so it didn’t sound so dumb. I realized that banning something outright eliminates it.

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nundasuchus is the dino that constantly pops up and i dont need!!


today though was eino. i needed more dracos from my rare scent!!

eino and euplo or irri. cant turn down tarbo either


Einosaurus does have a hybrid, yes. Is it rubbish? No.
I’m not sure on your level, but:
Einosuchus is actually kinda decent. I have a level 18, and when ever I get that thing in battle, oh boy. Let’s just say you don’t wanna be up against it… 9 out of 10 times I win…


I have the same opinion. Einiasuchus was one of my favorite creatures until I reached level 20 and started creating uniques. In fact, I preferred my Einasuchus of 20 to many legendary ones of 17/18. Logically, in a world full of Thor, Tenontorex and Tryko, the eina loses value but remains a very good creature.

On the other hand, I also agree with the first message. The capsules should have a different percentage to the normal appearances and, for example, attract perhaps common dinos from other areas. Who is in zone 2 the last thing he wants is to open a capsule of 5 minutes and see 5 eniasauro (and the same goes for suchomimus, dplocaulos or majundasauro in the other areas) or one of 20 minutes and see 15 enias, 5 irritator gen2 and 1 nodosauro. I have sometimes opened a 5-minute capsule and I have not caught NONE of the 5 dinosaurs that have appeared because, on the move, I preferred to catch other free dinosaurs or collect coins.


There is a flip side to this though… need to speed up collection of a certain common say dieno… go to an l1 and pop the scent… youll prolly get more majungas but the dienos you do get will help.

Now if we talking abiut epic scents that cost a months subscription to netflix… i can think of 7 commons that should never spawn from an epic scent. At the very least the 4 dinos that comprise more then 50% of the spawns on the entire map.


Evening is the best time to run a scent cuz velo will appear 100% on top of others area specific common dinos