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There should be a separate arena for aquatic creatures

not only could this add more variety and interest, but it makes an opportunity for lvl 20 players with nearly every creature to unlock them and have more to do so they don’t quit from boredom (plus it would just be cool to use mosasaurus in jwa)



JWtG has a separate Arena for the aquatic creatures so it does seem to be the way to go. I think to make it work though we would need a seriously major update giving us a dozen or more aquatics right off the bat to give some diversity.

Personally I can’t wait! :fish:


An aquatic arena would be awesome but why would ludia create a new arena while the current one isn’t ok at all…

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after the current arena and all current problems of the game are solved ludia can think about making an aquatioc update

Obviously to escape from the current arena? Especially if you’re one of those people stuck in Aviary and versing others with level 30’s. The aquatic arena would be a way to play on entirely even ground. We are all ready for it this time, so it would be a much more even playing experience. Also we basically have got 2 arenas already, the tournament and battle arena. I don’t see why they can’t add a 3rd.


They could also allow the Amphibious creatures currently in the game in the Aquatic arenas. (It would be cool to see new underwater Animations for the crocs and amphibians! Maybe even the Spinosaurids, who knows?)


They would need to add a number of different stages for the different trophy levels, at least 8-12 aquatic creatures so everyone could have a team of 8, some way for them to spawn on the map… that’s a lot of new assets that would balloon the size of the app when Ludia is already struggling to keep it a decent size (lowering image quality, reducing lighting, stuff like that).

Once a month we see this thread…

It won’t happen, it may be a separate app at some point but it won’t happen on this 1 and it shouldn’t. Although a game featuring hybrid dinosaurs isn’t exactly scientifically accurate it would be way too far to have giant lizards floating in the air or in puddles which means they would only spawn in bodies of water so land locked people would complain, coastal people would dominate so people with limited spawn areas would complain. This app would be too big for 90% of phones, the 10% it did work on would have battery and performance issues… it would be a nightmare. It isn’t coming no matter how many times this thread regenerates

If it’s difficult to make a new arena, you can just make a large aquarium with dinosaurs. =)

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Mmmhhh well making an aquatic update means creating lots of creatures, animations, arenas and a lot of other stuff, it’d take lots of months to make and it’d be the biggest update yet, basically almost a whole new game and all this after some months would probably just become like the current pvp, i mean with the same problems, so idk it’s worth it rn. also seriously who wants to wait that much time fro an update…

Also, I!!! am stuck in aviary and I!!! keep being destroyed by overboosted monolos, rixises and I!!! should escape from the arena while you’re just chilling out and bullying people with your weak but very cool dino in nublar shores so wth do you seriously wanna escape from the current arena? xP (i’m joking of course, i believe it’s very hard to stay up there)

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I want to escape from the repetitive forum threads saying “Monolometrodon is too OP” it’s annoying when I really easily slaughter it in PVP lol. Sarcorixis I can get around(Mainly in epic tournaments, it’s not that hard to defeat in normal PVP) but I honestly find other creatures much more annoying than Monolometrodon lol, the only thing I find annoying about Monolometrodon is the amount of threads asking for it to be nerfed lol.

Also the fact new content is always awesome. One of the things I love most about these type of games is actually the scenery, don’t know why but I love it, especially jungle like areas. So new arenas always excite me. :smiley:

yeah I can imagine you’re annoyed by those threads because mono and rixis are only a problem in mid arenas like lockwood estate/library and aviary so you don’t have any problems with them, however considering that like 60% of the players are in those arenas rixis and mono can become a real problem for a lot of people and this is why there are so many threads about it.

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about new arenas i can only agree cuz i’m stuck in the aviary since july and i’m not even close to get to library so I’d really like to have more arenas, maybe an arena every 250 trophies would be cool