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There shouldn’t be an Emote Achievement

Emotes are toxic to the game…and the easy solution was to turn them off. But Ludia keeps forcing emotes on this game as ‘rewards’ and now as achievements where you have to have them turned on. I don’t think Ludia plays their own game to realize how toxic emotes have become.

I agree. At the same time, the thumbs down emoji is great. Especially when used in combination with the laughing and pointing emoji. :joy:

It‘s not the emojis that are toxic it‘s some bad players that use them in toxic ways.
I only use emojis during raid battles with alliance friends. Other than that, they are deactivated.


I have always turned them off from day 1. I turned it on to do the goat and 25 emote spam. Not sure if there are more. I felt like a jerk lol. I wonder if it works in campaign? I’m sure raids count and friendly battles.

yeah, me too. I just wish there was a sorry emote because I just kept spamming the cry emote for the achievement

They should add the “Sorry, i do this for an achievement” Emote.

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