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There won't be any of this next patch,right?



What do you mean specifically ?


Arena dropper.
Level 20 player with level 25 tryko and lvl 28 indoraptor in lockdown


This team has a couple weak points that doesn’t surprise for why it’s not higher.
But I can tell you that it wouldn’t last long in upper Lockwood and definitely not in the aviary.

I’m Hoping the next match making system solves this too. Arena droppers that keep their A-teams are either compensating for something or are just afraid to battle with people that’ll actually give them a challenge.


My understanding is the system will try to match them with similar team score… team score is a combination of trophies… dino level… and boosts
Trophies are also affected by team score differences. Honestly, though i dont think this is gonna prevent this from ever happening just make it so its a lot less likely.

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Feel bad for people that leveled Apatosaurus or molometrodon or even Stegodeus as they are only good if over leveled.
We should just create Uniques.


Did her job well for the greater part of a year! Can’t ask for more than that, but she’ll be the first to hit the bench when a suitable replacement comes around


Yeah whos to say a year from now your not dusting her off from some unforseen change and their are people who started the game after 1.5 that might never even create her until that point.


I think the Introduction of stat boosts will incur a greater level of commitment with whomever we choose to put on the team now.

It’d be a waste to use those limited resources on dinos that aren’t “end game.” IMO anyway


It’ll probably get worse honestly.


Only if your still pursuing end game…these stat boosts to me show one thing and thats Ludia is willing to move the goal posts… I dont take an issue with it and Im glad I know they are willing because I can now plan accordingly.

My goal is to field a team of of dinos in the 25-27 range and remain as competitive as I can with that team… boosts will be distributed in a way so they effect my team level as little as possible… ie lower level dinos will get the boosts first.

After that goal is completed Ill start working on my side projects and getting them up to team level so in the case of nerfs or buffs i have pieces I can just plug in.

The idea of having to bench a max boosted lvl 30 dino because of gross miscalculations in the future is one Id rather not have to face.

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Always makes me laugh how people expect everyone to spot what they are talking about in a picture without giving any indication just because they think it will be obvious.

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I’m intrigued to understand the weak points holding this team back from climbing further up the arena ladder.
Care to enlighten me?


The choice in dinos is great!
(I have 7 of those 8 on mine)

The main issue is the levels with magna, Erlidom and procerthomimus.

Magna: level 22 HP = 2962
will get outsped Quite easily. High leveled Indos are ubiquitous in the arena and will win all the speed ties. Erlidom is a great magna counter even at a lower level.

Erlidom: level 23 HP = 2592
easily in “one-shot” range. St patty’s gave a lot of people trykos at lower levels. In addition to the the relatively easy to make tanks that most low-mid level players have, its bad news bears for a low level Erlidom.

Procerathomimus: level 24 HP = 2449
the fastest Dino you’re likely to see in the arena but it’s very RNG dependent. The odds of it getting whooped in that two turn rampage cooldown is pretty high

Again, the team composition is great! But I didn’t put magna or Erlidom on my team until they had a few levels on them simply b.c their HP made them easy kills at the time.


This team is better than mine and I’m in Aviary, I really doubt this person is stuck in Lockdown with creatures levelled like that.


Uhm, what? That team would do very well in Aviary.


Understood. Makes sense now. Thanks!

But I strongly assume we are talking about Lockwood and not Lockdown. Otherwise…
My team is by far inferior to that team and I’m in Sorna. Sometimes even sniffing around in Lockwood.

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You clearly mixed up here. The OP is saying that team is in lockdown (2500 trophies) not Lockwood state (4000 trophies). Clearly a dropper.
In any case, that team would do just fine over 4800 trophies. I can tell I fight around that level and face teams worse than that one everyday :wink:


Must be a while since you’ve been in Lockwood ha. I’m floating between 4300 and 4600 with a far inferior team. That team would do just fine in upper Lockwood or the basement of Aviary.