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There's a game-breaking tourney bug I am always having

When I pick a move it doesn’t even respond (doesn’t register and always picks the lower move). This seems to happen almost every time I’m in a match. This bug made me drop from #3 to #16. Every time this happens it’s so frustrating I almost broke everything in my house. So, I really need this bug fixed… then I won’t have to worry about restarting my game every match. (note, this happens even if I restart the game.) It has been a thing since 1.7, but it happens WAY more frequently this update and it’s hurting my trophies. REALLY BAD.
I hope y’all care. cause you wouldn’t be seeing this guy who grinds every skill tourney drop ranks so much for the 1st time ever.
Seems that no one cares of course. I literally made this topic for EVERYONE to see. at least view it…
This has happened to others and made them angry too but maybe not as much as I am atm.

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I can’t say I have ever seen or experienced this. Have you sent Support an email about it?

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I did, just like everyone else who had this bug. :rage:

Your timer is still counting down after you pick a move?


Oh yes. Just did it to me the next match I had. the move buttons are still on screen, and the move doesn’t even register and I have to restart the game every single time it happens. And I just lost that match too.

I have this glitch from time to time. Though not sure if it’s really a glitch, as it happen once or twice in a day. It also happens suddenly for me, when I’m about to win. Thats why I’m suspicious if this really is just a bug.

If this is happening constantly to you, then I suggest you clearing cache, restarting phone. When I have glitches, I usually know that is time to clear cache. That mostly helps.

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I do that EVERY MATCH… combine this with the lag that has been happening this update and I will bet that is why this is happening more than usual. :rage:

I’ve had this in the arena too. Let’s you select all your attacks in one go. Counts down to 0. Then still uses your lowest base attack.

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yep. If they didn’t have this bug I probably would have been sitting at #1 right now.

Could also be a problem with providers stability connection, as most people are home and have time. See more complaint about game bugs lately, but for me all is mostly the same as before update.

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I’ve had this bug before. A quick restart usually solves the problem. But you’re guaranteed to miss at least one move… It’s annoying.

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My game doesn’t restart that fast. by the time it comes back I’ve missed 2 opportunities to do anything

Bump. cause no one seems to care like I literally said at the top of the post.

It’s also happening to me MANY times. Buttons don’t work, timers counts down to 0 and then I just do the basic move. At least some 5 times in this tourney already.

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Most annoying of all the bugs in the game right now. especially when you’re currently in the top 5 trying to climb back up to #1 after just getting passed. :rage: :rage:
It’s happened a total of 24 times for me.

Also been having this problem for a while not just since this patch, but feels like it happens way more frequently since it

And you don’t even notice untill its to late ,and when you do and restart it, you have basically missed two turns​:rage::-1:

Screenshot i just captured , pressed defense shattering pretty much asap , it timed down and used basic one…


@Ludia_Developers @Ned, focus more in the future on fixing bugs like this , that has exited for a while instead of realeasing new shiny stuff.

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Here are my screenshots of this bug.

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That situation = worst time to get it. Literally it seems to happen when I am in a speedtie. :frowning:

I have faced this issue a couple of times as well, I think the speed calculation to see who goes first is confusing the programming lol. Esp with all the skills like bellow, cleansing moves etc that affects speed.

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It’s probably due to the algorithm tried to tailor to your playstyle, base off of how well you have been carrying out “strategy timeout” in each tournament. Instead of questioning about it I think you should keep on practicing with the help of it.

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