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There's a game-breaking tourney bug I am always having

Think their to overwhelmed with all the bugs…I just stoped battling got tired of reporting bugs.and towers they keep moving into private and back yards cant reach.

The bug just happened AGAIN… I even cleared the cache and restarted the game before I played the match. It happened like only 30 seconds in to it. Surprised I managed to win as during this happened a woolly mammoth had revenge killed my allo g2. (bump)

I gave up on the tournament. i’ll take my 2 free boosts and be much less stressed not batteling at all.
not even going to bother with the arena until these bugs are fixed.

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Currently #4 and lost because of this bug again… (and cause my pachy can’t ever land a stun, like seriously bro)

down in the boonies. i got a string of just stun bug after stun bug yesterday and i didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

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Happens when you get stunned, it shows ypur stun then you wait 10 secs and then you can choose your move

Naw not that bug. This one makes you have to restart the game DURING THE BATTLE. can’t pick a move even past 10 seconds. doesn’t register. can’t swap either.
Bump. Just happened again 10 minutes ago and I lost cause of it this time… vs michael

Happened to me again too. Only one match, though lost cause of it.
For me it’s really weird that it happens suddenly without any connection issues. Really hope it’s not an exploit, rather than just a bug that got worse with update.

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This bug is really happening ALL THE TIME. It’s very frustrating. The last epic/commons tourney I was top100, and I’m usually top250 at all other tourneys with equal levels. This time I’m not even top1000 thanks to losing perhaps over 10 battles because of this bug. That’s how bad it is.

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I’m surprised I still even manage to go into the #1 spot! (and top 3) but yeah this bug is the most annoying of bugs. I’ve had to do WAY more battles than normal cause of it… :rage: :rage:
You’re hearing from this person. Who has gotten at least top 3 every skill tourney. This bug happens way more frequently now than back in 1.12. That’s how bad this bug is.

This has definitely gotten worse this update than any other. Everything has. but this is the highlight (at least for me cause I’m usually in the top 3) bug. :rage:
Clearing cache does not help… :rage:

The same happened to me once in this tournament, very annoying indeed. You press your move but the counter keeps going down until It selects the basic move. Another similar bug is the stun followed by skip turn button. If you accidentaly press to skip when your creature is stunned( usually by swap in ability) the game will select your basic move.

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Can’t swap either, it’s so annoying and odd when it happens. :rage: :rage:
Acts like you lost connection but didn’t.

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