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There's a lack of unique stegosauridae

While it doesn’t have the rest of the body like a tryke, there’s our resident fluffy rat.

Dioraja’s the equivalent of this for Stegosaurs though he seems to have spikes instead of plates.

There are no unique Spino, Bary, Trice, Stego, Raptor, ankylo, Galli, Koola, Pteranodon, Gorgo, Scutosaurus, Eagle, Mammoth, Tortoise, Pig, Terror Bird, Postosuchus and pachycephalo-models


Well, we have stuff that is close enough for some, though not full bodied.
For Trice it’s not full body but Dracoceratosaurus.
For Pteranodon-type stuff, we have Pterovexus and Stygidaryx.
For Ankylo not sure if it counts but we have Tryko and Diorajasaur partially, but their body is bipedal.

Then there are things that should have uniques in the future.
Pig will likely get something once Entelomoth gains a unique.
Terror bird is probably in the same boat as Entelomoth, as Phorusaura is due a unique.
Koola might get a unique from Skoolasaurus.
Raptor might get a unique raptor in the future.

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Thank you for this list!

Except that there is a pachy-animation unique, The Fluffy Rat

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Only full models of these count

What do you mean Gorgo? Suchus? @Kubusiowy


@Detonatress That is not true

How about this:

[Insert Name]
Brontoslasmus + Anky (Common)
Unique Rarity

4300 HP
1200 ATK
110 Speed

Aggro Defense {New Move. Basically a Shielded Superior Vulnerability}
Taunting Rampage
Group Thagomizer Rampage
Last-Minute Defense {New Move. Instant. 1x Attack. Group Shields for 50% for 2 turns. Cooldown: 1 turn} or just a plain ol Resilient Impact

As for the Ceratopsian:


Ajugaceratops is also there if you view the whole post. Lol the SI-Taunt has nothing to do with the current Taunt Mechanics

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What isn’t? Do we have any gorgo-like critter? Not counting the Tryko rex.

Why don’t you count Tryko?

He may have the general body shape and animations the same, but he looks very spiky, half-ankylo, and doesn’t have the eyebrows gorgo has, nor the color. But overall as a rex he counts.


Ah for that one we’ll probably have it with Edaphocevia’s unique.

Its not pachy, its Stygi lol

Dracocerato is a pachy rig

It got stygi model, just like Utarinex

No, it stands too erect. It’s a pachy model

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Oh lol, you’re right, sorry <3