There's a lot to be upset about these days, so let's take a moment to remember the positive things about JWA

I’ll start.

  • Alliance missions rotating every 2 weeks is a very nice change, which allows lower players to get a larger variety of creatures quicker, and helps higher players potentially get a lot of certain dino they need.

  • Sanctuaries are awesome. You basically get free DNA for just sitting on your couch. Great for players that want to run something but don’t have access to ingredients.

  • Themed scents every week is a very nice touch.


There isn’t a themed scent this week and I’m VERY worried about that.


Well they messed up last tournament but was able to bring it back on track. And the recent 15min bug killer raid. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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i like this too:


Yeah, like 12 DNA, not worth it imo


Do you use your FIPs once per dino every 3 hours? You can easily get a fuse on a legendary every single day. You get just under 200 rare and a little over 50 epic per day if you use that method.


It’s not bad gains. Though, I have to admit I would like an increase in the amount you can get per day, but as it stands, I’m happy with the sanctuaries. For what creatures you can put in them currently, they’re a decent source to get dna that you can’t otherwise get, whether its an event exclusive dino, or something that isn’t in your local.


Alliance missions providing sought after DNA.
Daily missions providing Epic DNA that can’t easily be found.
Trading/donating in Alliances which helps greatly.
A good mix of strike towers through the week, providing for players of all levels.
Tournaments are a lot better and everyone gets something, even if its just some coin for the lower level players.
Events like last weekend Battle at Big Rock which gets players out and about again hunting for new dinosaurs.
It’s fun!!! Let’s be honest, if it was the doom and gloom that we read on here, we wouldn’t still be playing!!! :t_rex::sauropod:


Arena has never been my focus so honestly the game is in the best place it has ever been with sancs, alliance trades and events/strikes


Features that lets you interact with supply drop and strike tower from far


Remember the positive things, hmm. It’s like remembering the deceased. Something far in the past that shalt not be forgotten!
'Member when you had a fair chance in a battle? Member?

But all kidding aside, I love the fact that DINOSAURS. ROAAARR

There is. Can’t really see on the tiny picture what it resembles, but there should be one in 3h10min from now.

There’s the hook. They want you to play continuously, for so little gains…unless you make it your life’s work.

Pinball wizard. I’m going to hard pass.

It takes very little effort to get alliances to create a handful of sanctuaries with multiple instances of the same creatures (either one or two per sanctuary) - then once you have collected all your items from the supply drops and 6 hour incubators you pay a single visit to one or two sanctuaries and do all your FIPing in one go - really doesn’t take a lot of time. DNA stacks up surprisingly quickly - I got Gemini from 100/250 to created by FIPing Diplo before it became the daily reward.


We have 111 dinos in sanctuaries combined at the moment. That gives you plenty to empty your resources on. Can easily get about 150 rare a day, or 50 of any epic.


Fully agree with the OP. I also very much enjoyed the way the two new dinos were released and the increased epic spawn rates in August. There’s a lot of good stuff added to the game lately.


I can chat in the Alliance chat right after battle :smile:


In addition to everything mentioned by other posters, there’s the moving chase chests every other day! :+1: :+1: I no longer have to wait as long to level up a dinosaur, thanks to those.


I am so glad this is working again. :grinning: It was awful having to reboot my phone so much because of this.


I have to be honest when I first heard about the sanctuaries, I had my doubts about them. Now that they are here, I love them! :heart: The sanctuary especially made a big difference when it came to Pyroraptor (Pyroraptor’s favorite game is hide and go seek :wink:). I would love to see the sanctuaries expanded to include more creatures. :grinning:

The month of August was awesome. The increase in epics was great. Helped with so many of the hybrids I was creating.

My Diplodocus was stuck on level 17 for the longest time. I just managed to get her to 18 before the daily missions started. Now she’s not only level 20, but I can fuse for her hybrid now. I absolutely love the daily mission rewards. Every single one that we have had so far has helped me.

Like what has been mentioned before, I love that the alliance mission rewards have changed. More opportunities to get difficult to obtain DNA.

Plus the opportunity to get outside (even though there’s a heat wave going on where I live) has always been a plus. Sometimes I take a break from dinosaur hunting and run after butterflies (I know it sounds a bit dorky, but it makes me happy and I love taking photos). :butterfly:

Here’s one I took recently.