There's a new Phoru boss?

b/c we just beat it.




Was it hard? What strat did you use

we switched up the creatures and beat it on the 2nd attempt. the minions are shielding Nodo & healing rare Teno. we still made mistakes butt it was soooo much better than trying to figure out Glypto, Rinchy & Andytops. :crazy_face:

ok sorry what dinos did you use?

Went on a blind runs and won. It’s fairly easy compared to other Unique raids.

Toura, Max, Gem, Tryo were used.

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we beat it w/ a Toura, Tryo, Thor & a Phorurex (lol)

might give that a go next thanks

This works. Each round can be 2 turns, the third turns are for if you don’t kill it in 2.
Boosted thor is needed for sure. Rhino lower damage can work

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done this a few times now

Yeah, me and my alliance took it down. Fairly easy, just need shields and thors

beat it again using Tuora, Dio & 2 Thors. 1 of the Thors bled out at end of r2 & the shielding Dio also bled out r3 but we won. :slight_smile:

if you want to ahve fun throw a skooni in the mix :stuck_out_tongue:

Pick your poison.

This one works really well

now stock skooni works fine even with a stock thor but the stock thor needs a teeny speed boost to 109 to put it in front of the skooni indo2 can be stock levle 20 touro in a perfect world 5k health but done this numerous times and it works

I think this is the easiest and most accessible of all and the most difficult is the thora with 2.2 K but many have already had it that way

thats the thing only like 4 out of 50 have that thor :stuck_out_tongue: