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There's no more fun left since 1.7

As we all know this game consists of two major parts: exploration and battle. Even the alliance missions are divided into these two parts.

But for top-players exploration and hunting are almost pointless. For example I’m only interested in anky and t-rex (2). That’s what I can get from the wild. For me hunting exists only on Fridays and Sundays. All other DNA that I need for new creatures from 1.7 are locked in arena. So this part of the game is broken for me. Especially that daily dinos are not affected by scents. So there’s no more point to buy hard cash to get scents. Today’s Monday and I have literally no point to go and look for any dino outside.

And here we come to the second major part of the game. It’s also broken. Matchmaking and trophy system makes me pray every time to get AI instead of real players. Cause all I face are full 30 lvl team 1000 trophies lower. Do you wanna guess how it’s possible? Every single defeat is -50. Opponent’s Erli dodged? -50. Opponent’s magna crits? -50. Your stun doesn’t work? -50. You had some luck? +10. I hate this system and almost everybody does. I battle only to get incubators and I get literally no fun in defeating bots with my team. Trophy system worked fine right from the start. You could have some bad luck strikes but you always could play back. Now it’s impossible. Cause every 5 wins in a row are nullified with one loss.

I do wonder how was it possible to kill all the fun with one update? No point in hunting, no fun in battles. What’s left of this game??


Agree boosts killed it for good


My feeling is the same, except for the fact that the end of the fun for me started in version 1.6. I miss the moments when I went hunting and almost everything I found could be useful. Now once I have reached several dinos at level 30 based on many hours of hunting and the fact that all new hybrids are “arena exclusive” (or as I say, dinosaurs only for payment) every time I have less objectives to hunt . I think I’m still a little better than you because I can still hunt seven or eight useful creatures (raja, erliko, ourano, tuajingo, dimetrodon, velociraptor and maybe soon Darwin and Grypo) but every time it goes out is less. This week I’ll actually get Spino out of the list … A pity.


I have been telling this forever.
This is why uniques don’t “deserve” to be broken.

If everything was at least somewhat usable end-game, there would be a point in farming a lvl 30 Rex, Smilodon, Velociraptor, etc.

But since only 9 or so dinosaurs are “usable” there isn’t a point actually playing the game.

Blame the meta sheep who don’t want their free wins Thor, Tryko, Dilora, etc nerfed.

Ludia just provided what the mass wanted.


I do not believe that it is what the “mass” wants, if not what it wants “the part of the mass that spends a lot”.

I have a Stegodeus of 30 that is no longer on the team and it did not matter to me. In the same way, if in the future there is a dinosaur that at level 26 is better than my Thor that is also 30, I will not mind replacing it. The problem is if that new and good dinosaur can only have a few who have paid a lot of money and that, if I want to have it at that level 26, I will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars (with a thousand dollars it would not be enough according to my calculations).

But the problem is not only that. Until this version I continued to collect tany, Dimetrodon gen2, Monolopho gen2, DG2, Delta, charlie, etc with the hope that in the new version there could be new hybrids made with these components and that, thanks to my effort, I would be able to create it before and more powerful than people who hunt less than me … but if in the future all the hybrids will have a “paid” component, the desire to hunt will go at once.


Those are very valid points. I can’t really argue with that you hit the nail on the head.

I’m still having tons of fun in 1.7.

I guess having fun in 1.7 is forbidden…?




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I have been hoping for the same thing. Something for the folks who spend their efforts darting what they have around them, throw us a bone.

“Yeah, we know Majunga is all you can dart and Mujunda is pretty poor, here is a new Majunda hybrid that is not meta changing, but is worth having on your team.”

Give is a reason to have collected 200k of something we see all day, every day.

Mine is at level 20 with 250k in storage, I would never have a reason to ever dart one ever again… except for Alliance missions. And then only if I need the reward DNA.

Locking new hybrids in Arena only does not give a lot of incentive to actually go out and hunt. Open the game every few hours, battle for an incubator, close game.


Yes this is one good reason to be disappointed.

I find the new battles boring. I had way more fun when teams were about the same level, close games, tough choices.
Now it’s ridiculous. It’s “oh the game gave me the 3 dinos I boosted so you’re dead because you spread boost around your team” or the classic “I have more boosts than you - boo” . And the more boost sales, the more the gap is going to be.
Some could have fun with boost, losing 50 trophies per match, waiting for exclusive dna. I don’t.


Same here. Thoroughly enjoying myself.


Agreed. Boosts (not only but especially speed) ruined the game. Would have been much better to just up the cap to level 40 and introduce new meta-defining creatures.

This would have A) given those of us with a bunch of level 30’s a reason to hunt (like, at all) and B) would have made them money (as the coin cost to create a level 40 would be quite high).

Instead, all the DNA we now need is locked in a broke as heck arena and we have to pay weekly just to maintain, relative to everyone else. It’s basically just a forced membership fee at this point.

If the only challenge left in this game is “who can buy more boosts” then where’s the fun to be had?


I would not say I am having tons of fun, but I am still VIP and playing. There is just a lot less to do now.

I used to spend my time walking around hunting, doing events, towers, battling when I needed an incubator. Take out the hunting part, the strikes are done in a few minutes. Events are just a matter of finding the ones you need to dart and battle only for an incubator. Hunting was half the game for me. From 3k+ darts/day to 600, maybe 800 tops and I could throw half of that at just event dino.

Most common event dino I am already at max storage at, most rare the same. I have created most Unique I can wild hunt so have no real need to go hog wild looking for Epic. This week, even irritator I have little need for (sorry some of you had to hear that!). My Magna is at team level and button ready with enough in storage to get me another level. There is very, very little incentive to level it up and get involved in the mess that is the higher Arena. Same with boosting, very little incentive to do that at all. I suppose I could spend my time darting event DNA so I can give it away to folks who do not open incubators or want to go hunting for it.


Same for me. Still having a ton of fun

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How so? Nothing has changed. You still go out hunting for dinosaur DNA, you collect the resources to level them and create hybrids, complete daily and Alliance missions, and you battle in the Arena.

The only real difference now is that instead of having three tiers of players in the Arena - new/low, casual, and high end/competitive, there is now 4, topped by competitive with boosts.

The arena is way more complicated then that… they litterally raised the 2-3 losses and you get a bot all the way up to sorna because of how boosts have affected the arena… loose enough and you eventually be given a freebie… is not really a way to make a game fun.

The real fallout hasn’t even happened yet… when the next wave of half boosted teams gets outpaced and being knocked down by those buying daily alot of people are gonna find them selves losing trophies again.


I agree. It is more complicated than I describe but my point was that really the game basics haven’t changed. Saying that there is less to do is wrong. That hasn’t changed. Just the nature of the Arena.

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From that I am guessing you are a casual player and from previous conversations know you do not spend a lot of time in Arena.

I am at max storage for most of the Dino I can hunt and they are at level 20 or above, why would I dart another one? They have not made a hybrid that I do not already have from anything I have spent the past year filling up on. I have no need to level anything up, I have over 50 at the same ‘strength’ to battle with. I did not go for the big 8. I spent my resources to bring everyone to this level so they can all battle together. No need to level any of them up or the rest will be left behind. I am not a trophy player, so do not care about trophy level, just having a big stable to choose from. If I start boosting, those will be too strong for the rest. They had a nice balance when I leveled them up, some at 20, some 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and the 30 Apato! None have any need for boosts, at all. They all fill their niche as is.

Daily missions are completed quickly. A trip around the neighborhood I have them done. Incubators, if not the strikes, I battle for a few. Once every few hours, no need to open the game other than that.

I do not see that 4 levels of players in the arena, sorry. If those are the ones to choose from, I do not fit into any.


There are caps on huntable dino DNA.
People that play a lot (The ones saying there’s nothing left to do) are hitting those caps.
Just because you can still hunt stuff doesn’t mean everyone can.
Only thing I’m really hunting is Irritator, Grypo, and Kentro. Sunday I will get Anky if I see it, and I will always dart T-Rex, but since they are not local specific, you can’t realistically hunt them.
Even though I can’t fathom it myself, there are some that don’t even need Kentro.
You got to step outside your own limited experience and realize that yes.
For some people there really is less to do.


There is less to do because we reached a point where we only miss exclusive dna. And it implies less to do because you can’t hunt anymore for this dna. I have 20k spino gen 2, about 60k erli gen 2…good luck to find matching bary gen 2.

But I agree with @Wwwoodchuck, if you play more casually there are still room for hunting. But you will hit the same wall at some point.
And the arena situation doesn’t help. Even towers in solo that proved sometimes to be challenging are worthless with boosts now. Why bothering about strategy when you can send your megasaur?