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There's no more fun left since 1.7

Same boat. Those of us who dart everything they see and are capped out on the important ingredients have much less to do when it comes to hunting. I was really hoping they’d go the route of introducing a class above Unique and raise the level cap to 40. Would have been the natural progression. Instead, they tucked all the useful DNA into the broken arena system and created this boost mess.


I’m starting to lose hope that they’re gonna fix the trophy allocation… I keep losing ground despite winning more than losing and watching players with lower level boosted teams collect 50 trophies each time their superrat is selected (little risk… if they don’t get their OP dinos and lose they only lose 10). So they rise to a higher rank than they belong (some admit it) due to the screwed up algorithm.

Why do we collect DNA? So we can battle with our improved team. Why battle if you can’t progress and fall further behind? So why collect DNA, buy scents, incubators, boosts, coins etc?!

Even in our missions exploration and defense are equally important. If you ruin one aspect, will players/customers stick around? :thinking:


Irritator on the map this week is basically what needs to happen from now on. Incubator exclusives NEED TO BE PUT OUT THERE.


Im not entirely convinced this trophy allocation is by accident… seems to favor teams under 25 who boost heavily… i kinda think that market is bigger then the ones thst are +25


I don’t mind having one or two incub exclusive dinos. If it allows more incub sales it’s good for the economy of the game.

But at the moment there are just too many of them. Last update they put too many look after dinos in Park : ankylo, Darwin, tenon… And now it’s too many exclusive and required dinos… Seems they can’t balance things.
While at the same time still no hybrid for conca :thinking:


There isn’t that many people who have maxed out commons of everything. And if they roll out all new hybrids at once. That basically will leave absolutely nothing to do.

I’ve been hoping on a monolometrodon hybrid. So I can’t wait for that, I’m sure more will show soon. If you really collected everything, then donate it. Then you wont be maxed? Not sure. I’m not casual player I play everyday, hours a day, but I don’t have many max dinos at all. When I do I donate to my alliance. How about collecting rares? That’s crazy if you’re maxed on all the rares too.

I agree though the arena strict dinos need to show out more.

Who is he gonna donate to his whole alliance is mostly max level.


Lol well… hecc. There has to be some rares out there worth grabbing still.

I’ve played since last May. And I find it CRAZY to have a lot of maxed dinos. I can’t even keep up with everything I still have to get. And I have played a lot imo at the least 4 hours daily atm. In my situation that is too much play. Literally no way to get EVERYTHING for me. Not sure what to say if you’re truly maxed on everything especially certain rares…

I do hope for more hybrids though concav… monolo… Then maybe people who have max everything can then go max out the new ones.

Need new dinos too. Carbonemys now Ludia, epic turtle.

yup… last 2 updates have done nothing for the game.

the 4 creatures that could have brought some diversity to the arena are impossible to get, so it’s still basically 1.5 in the arena. stygidaryx, pterovexus - with darwin that went from parks only to only spawning one day a week. erlikospyx that takes arena exclusive, and geminitian that literally only one person in the entire game has. those four that no one can get to team level (or at all) and a bunch of useless, non-arena relevant creatures.

and ludia wanting us all to pay $300/month for utarinex vs erlidominus part #2456. JWA’s days certainly seem numbered.


no, even with the threat of boosted Thors I’ve made it to Jurassic ruins (I’ll probably fall down again)

What you explain is valid for 50% of the game, the fight. At this point there is an additional problem that is the pairings but once this is solved this is how you comment, it will be similar to what existed before with one more level “Strong teams that spend a lot of money”. In my specific case, that will affect me in that I will lose positions but it is not a serious problem. Let’s say that my experience in this part goes from being a 7 (I liked it a lot, although it’s not what I like most about the game) to being a 5 (now I like it a little less because my effort is less rewarded).

But what about the other 50% of the game? (which for me is 70%) which is going out to hunt DNA and supplies. Well, in this part of the game the experience has gone from being a 9 (it was not perfect due to the lack of epics) to being a 4 (I no longer want to go hunting) for the two reasons that I never tire of commenting: boosts that make the reward in hunting small compared to the boosts and, above all, by the creation in the last two versions first of only two unique created based on a single epic and complicated to search (check the king) and then two unique “only for payers” (check and kill). The new two versions have not given me anything useful to hunt (except Darwin) and instead, increasingly they are no longer useful crossings that were before (euplo, tarbo, nodosauro, amargosauro, …).

I guess I should wait for version 1.8 to know if they have learned from their mistakes, although it will not be easy to wait.

Congratulations, you have just defined in a short message what I have spent days trying to explain in longer messages, the last of which does not appear because it is “On observation”.

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I loved winning only 2 out of 30 matches today and losing 470 trophies due to over boosted Thors and Tryko. :smiley:




The fun is still there its just wearing very thin,

How many times will they swap in a boosted dc?
Will they dodge 9 hits in a row?

The fun once came from skill and progression now the top 200 just hope they get boosted dc and rng luck,

Its all been like that to a degree, the boosts just exacerbate the situation.

Dust. Just dust floating around in place of what was once a beautiful landscape.


now boosted Erlidom is hell :smiley: 2k damage with basic attack -> 4k rampage damage. When they open with her I can only decide in what order do I want my dinos to die :smiley:


The game is now even Worse then ever.

Soooo many passionated players.

And L who only looks after fast cash-grab.

So sad situation!


5k rampage damage even :eyes:

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Would love a new level cap, but the coins you’d have to pay to level those dinos would be astronomical.