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Therium Prime got a buff

So with @DaddysaurusRex today, we did Therium Prime today, and I noticed that he got a buff. Group Power Strike was basically AoE PFS, but today I noticed that GPS now carries through Bellow, meaning the DPS/RI does massive damage and requires nullification to beat it unboosted. While this is annoying, I’m glad that he got a buff as he was pretty easy before.

i’m 99% positive that it’s always been like that.

I don’t think so seeing as I’ve had raids where the rampage doesn’t do extra damage. I’m 100% positive it changed cuz when I first did the raid we didn’t take a nullfier and that rampage didn’t do extra damage

I’m also pretty positive nothing has changed. Certainly was no update, and I experienced the same battle as I have before.

Yeah, I did it today, and it was the same as it’s always been

I’m pretty sure it’s the same as before.

You probably had a diloranosaurus that was doing cunning attack every two turn before, because yes, the do boost was always carying to the rampage.

No I didn’t that first time around, and neither Baja, indom, bary, or tryos can get rid of it