Therizinosaurus concepts

You might think “aren’t Erliko and all that stuff Theri type creatures?” and biologicaly you are correct. But the Theri-type creatures I made are a lot different.

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Other than Erliko creature those Theries focus on group attacks and cleansing, not on distracting and speed up. Their double rampage hits two times but can’t hit the same creature twice with one attack: the big 2x hit is the main attack that is also used in PVP and the small 1.5x hit is the secondary attack. Both hits have different criterias on what they are supposed to target. If a creature matches both criteria and should be hit by both attack it only gets hit by the main attack and the secondary attack will hit the next best target. If a creature taunts it will get hit by the main attack.
This attack mechanic can be useful if you for an example do the Lux raid, want to kill the Minions but don’t want to trigger Lux’s counter attack.

Theries are wildcard creatures because they don’t have class specific abilities like decelaration, defense shatter or distraction. They don’t counter but also don’t completely get countered by any other class but they are supposed to be raid creatures.

Here are also some possible hybrids and even an Apex creature:

Download (9)_140859957098297

What do y’all think?


The double rampages are way too strong, 3.5x dmg with that attack is ridiculous.

In the text I said that double rampage can only hit an enemy ONCE. If you use it in PVP it basically becomes a normal rampage.

In PVP it is like a rampage, in a raid it is like a rampage and an impact in the same turn BUT they can’t hit the same creature

Its still very strong, and anyways all of those creatures are in the same class as the other Therizinosaurids so why should they differentiate from the others?

The double rampage isn’t as strong as for example the decelerating group rampage.

The reason why I wanted to make them different is because I had the idea for the double rampage first and needed some creatures to put it on. The icon looks like two big claw streaks so I instandly thought of Therizinosaurus. And we already got similar Erliko Type creatures in the game and I thought this would be a good solution to add in other Therizino type creatures without having them all be the same heavy hitting fast cunning cteatures

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But the thing is, every raptor follows the same category, fast, low health, high attack. Same with tyrannosaurids, high attack, high health, low speed. So why should Theris be different?

Maybe because Theri is much bigger than Erliko? Majunga and Rex weren’t that different in the past with exception of their size and they are really different in the game.

I just checked it and Erliko apperently was 6m long, Theri 12m

And Beipiao and Dilocheirus are really different from all of these anyways.

I can’t reply anymore so I’m gonna edit this post:

But isn’t Dilocheirus from another creature family? Not in game but in real life.

And also this is just a concept for a new creature type with new abilities, why are you hating it so much? :frowning:

Deinocherius is about the same size as theri and still has a similar moves to erliko.

Double rampages is just a group attack
and theri deserves an accelerating move
so Group Accelerating Impact (both ways)**
and maybe revenge distracting impact
**Team: Increase speed by 10-25-50-75%
Most Hp: 2 attack
All other opponents: 1.5 attack

do u mean deinocheirus
diloracheirus is fake
its a jwa hybrid