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Therizinosaurus Unlock Help With Battle

Hi, I am trying to help be of my kids on their account do the Therizinorsaurus unlock. With the dinos they have I can’t figure out how to win this battle! I’m stumped, any advice help is greatly appreciated! Also, apologies if there is a thread already created for help with battles. I did a quick search and couldn’t find it.

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It’s quite doable with pteranodon in 1st, block then build reserve, tapejalo in 2nd to take out the creatures in 3 hits then zhejiang for back up.

Hi @Aether_12 i tried to put pteradon first and reserve, but they just took it out on two hits. I had zhej in second spot and blocked with 2 to build reserve on the next one. I eventually got it up to 8 but that left me with three of their dinos to one tape… the game seemed to know what I was doing, I wound up getting to the lab but didn’t have enough to block and it took me down :disappointed:. I’m lvl 99 myself and this battle is harder than mine was! I’ll have to try with tape in 2nd slot and see how it goes… I don’t want to use all their resources so I’ll have to wait for the cool down period to be over before I can ty again…

tapejalo For last

Soo you will want the start ptera go for 1 block then 2,3 when you get 4 got for 4 reserve, the bot should then go for 4 attack and tape comes in go for 3 attack 4 block 1 reserve, when stego comes in switch to zhing and go for 4 reserve, after Zheng id dead go for 3 attack 2 block and 3 reserve and you have won, the battle could differ from this like they could go threw a 4 block loop till they go for 4 attack if this happens go for 4 reserve 3 block 1 attack if you are on ptera or zhing

Also put Dino’s in ptera - tape - zhing

@Sharkyking450 solid strategy, I will give it a try as soon as tape cools down… I hope that they don’t reserve 2 at first then take me out with 4 when I try to block with 2 in the second round! wish me luck! I just hope the last battle is easier than the third one!

Flyer with at least 324 health in slot one, block one first turn, if opponent attacks continue to block enough that you can survive, if opponent doesn’t attack then start to reserve.

Tapej in slot two, kill first creature (3 attack points) and block enough to only take 1 or 2 hits any left overs go to reserve. If Tapej takes a hit or two depending on how many points the opponent used either attack to kill second creature and place the rest in reserve or swap in the third creature and go full reserve.

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@Sharkyking450 this strategy didn’t work… in the third round when I blocked with 3 it reserved 2 from the second round and hit me with 5! Leaving me to scramble, I ultimately lost because I didn’t have enough to block and the tape got taken down. Against my better judgement and in haste of losing the battle, I sped up the cool down and somehow won. I used my usual strategy of reserves and blocks and just barely pulled off the win. Alas, the fourth battle gets even worse! Might have all been for nothing if I can’t somehow pull this me off…

@Sionsith would you use same strategy you stated above for the last battle I just posted a pic of?

Yes I would but you will be in an even better position since it will only take two hits to take out his first guy, you will need a flyer with 493 health in slot one that will either get sacrificed or sacrificed after doing a small amount of damage.

And I would for sure swap the Tapej for which ever creature you put in slot three as a sacrifice again since you will have to use your second best flyer as the reserve builder in slot one.


@Sionsith, Ok will give it a try…

Yeah It should work

Well if u wanna see my suggestion here’s what
U have 3 dinos at disadvantage but u have to use only them right
I do the battles with bait ,attack and survive , and strike
As the bait u need to figure out the opponents attack in advantage
Then get a strong and big health dino as a bait and to collect as many reserves as u can
And then kill the first one and make sure u survive an attack for the second one
If the opponent has to go for 4 hits (caz obviously it thinks that u took 2 block) while already u took a hit go for all reserves
This will help our last dino to win
Now if ur second dino is dead and because of opponent take all points for attack go for kill and take 3 to 4 block and 1 to 2 reserves
The opponent might trick u to go for full attack caz u have the reserves and he don’t go for some block link 3 or 4 and make sure that ur health stays still
When the opportunity comes go for all hits and u win
This might be helpful for you
Atleast that’s how I play

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone… I was able to complete the event. Now, I just need to get some balance to their lineup. It seems every event is really hard for them to compete and their dinos are way over matched…

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