Therizinosaurus+Velosrhacos Hybrid!

Just to start, I want to give huge thanks to @Typhoon_Zach for giving me this idea! Definitely go check him out and show love! So anyways, I’m going to make a Therizinosaurus and Velosrhacos hybrid, So let’s get STRAIGHT to the Body Features!
Body Features: Huge beak and Pelican-like stance and body. Wingless Bird that waits at the coastline for fish and snatches them up with it’s huge and sharp yet toothless beak. Tiny claws at the end of each wing, and can run up to speeds of 30-48 mph!
Stats: Cunning with 2312 health and 832 attack. Immune to DOT, Stun, and Reduced Damage. Legendary Hybrid.
Abilities: Cunning Precise Strike, Distracting impact, Raking Claws (Precise), and Evasive Stance (100% to dodge, dodge decreases damage taken by 66%. Cleanse Reduced Damage) I hope you like it! Again shoutout to Typhoon_Zach! :yum:


Thanks so much! And the concept is pretty good!


Yup no problem! Thanks for the compliment!

Love the idea.

However, there’s approximately a 0% chance that it gets turned to a Legendary hybrid. Since the DNA is exclusive, it’ll be Apex or Unique and require a ton of it to fuse the new creature.

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Exclusives can get hybrids that aren’t unique or apex. argenteryx for example

Arctops too.