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Very interesting creature with prospect of being powerful asset.
Orhithomimus and Deinocherus look like good couple to merge: both are fast, feathery creatures with very interesting skills to pass on.


Dunno. Abilities aside, that would be like a cross between Super Ostrich and Thunder Chicken. Yow. One ugly bird.


That’s what I though when my coworker has shown me his girlfriend :rofl::rofl:

Seriously though, when you are at 3000~4000 trophies Evasive strike could be the best thing you can throw during otherwise hopeless encounters with top end players before you unlock Monomimus and after both turkeys are to weak, and now there is no such option.


you realize Therizinosaurus was a real dino right?
fusing 2 dinos to make one that already existed would be odd.


Maybe odd, but if they prefer hybridisation from introducing new findable dinosaurs then let it be, besides finding a new Dino and levelling it up to the point where it is fit enough to be fighting is often harder than simply merging.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::sob: hahaha savage :grimacing:


they’d probably just put it in the game if they wanted it in the game. it wouldn’t be a hybrid.


Something tells me that evasive strike is going to be the hot new trend in the arena soon. LOL just because your dino can do that, does it automatically mean it should spam the same move over and over again?

What happened to strategy? What happened to out-thinking your opponents? Overpowered spam attack moves happened.


If they had to introduce another Therizinosaur to the game, I’d hope for either Therizinosaurus itself, or Nothronychus.