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These are suggestions

Hi, Ludia.
These are my suggestions.

  1. PvP
    Save all PvPer’s Battle Roasters and Equipments. Use that information instead of the current bot.
    So if you match the player bots that are close to their score, you will lessen the criticism of the mismatch.

  2. Rally
    The current rally is too boring. Use story mode.
    For example, how about different factions invading each rally? In every fifth room there is a sub-boss, like in story mode. There is a rally from Monday to Wednesday, and a raid from Friday to Sunday.
    and Create Waterdeep as a background image.
    Isn’t it the story of Rally that Waterdeep is invaded?
    People running away, destroyed buildings, broken houses…

sorry for my bad English.
have a good day!


Please let us just battle humans from other leagues. Points are already adjusted for odds.


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