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These are the times I enjoy „battling“ lol

No real battle of course.
Disgusting and ridiculous, I don‘t have more to say. Great to see that money in the pocket is more important than actual skill. It definitely got worse the last few days, I lose 35-40 trophies per battle and I‘m straight on my way back to Aviary.

Just awesome. Everytime I don‘t get matched with lvl 30 teams I have to battle ridiculously boosted teams, mostly it only matters for the opponent whether he has rat or Thor or even both in their draw.


I feel your pain buddy :worried: im unboosted i dont use any of those cancerous dinos and my pb is 5012 trofees wich isnt ight but still im very proud of it
The arena its so broken we usually see RAT and Thor few levels above average team, usually average level 23 and then thor/rat at 26 or igher boosted to the sky
Thor isnt That good but the 40% crit+ speed boosts and that stupid instant move make it super strong
Rat its broken swap in rampage needs to go once for all 1x damage swap in its the max they should ever give to a swap in dino
Iff 1.11 doesnt fix him wich i believe it wont lots of players will quit and finnallly those idiotas with boosted rats can fight each other on a super exiting strategy of swap,regend,swap again


Some of the dinos I see in gyro are pathetic. Currently don’t enjoy the game at all. Battles are toxic the tournaments aren’t worth the time, the seasons are uninspiring and the only dinodex creatures I left are essentially behind a paywall.

If I hadn’t put in a year and a half of a grind I’d simply walk away.


It’s a shame really. I think Ludia tried to bring a little more balance with boosters 2.0. But here we’re again rats with all maxxed, procerat trolling, and thor force. Nothing changed for balance. Players take these choices. Now it is time for real changes. These are things I think could change some things for better.

Nerf rat: 1x damage at least. Or give many dinos true counters to that stupid 2x move.

Buff Tenrex: Immune to slow, bump its speed by 1, and possibly swap in stun from the rare move.

Thor and maxima will be handled by tenontorex buff adding a viable counter.

Dilorach immune to stun. Will help some against Thor aswell as rats acute stun. And make it a little more useful these days.

Procerat. Remove some of its immunity. Not full immune. Can be slowed down. This dino is garbage take away some dmg output too.

Grypo add a tiny more damage output.

Rat mascots procerat and boosted rat need adjusting most of all. And aside from it all I still have a little fun in arena. But this will make things better imo.


I don’t know what’s going on. This is either extremely bad RNG, power creep, or Ludia’s predatory algorithm that’s designed to get you so desperate to win that you’ll spend, spend, spend on all maxxed boosts. Of course I’m strictly F2P so that tactic doesn’t work on me.

I was doing just fine for quite a while. I leveled Ardentismaxima to 27 and Tenontorex to 28 and didn’t get “punished” like I always did in Aviary and Lockwood Estate. I read that matchmaking is trophy-based in Library, so when I leveled Trykosaurus to 28 and my luck worsened I started wondering what’s up. Then I spent some time in L2 with the charger scent I won from the strike and was finally able to level Utarinex to 28. That made things even WORSE! Now I can only win against AI. Take note of my high score and where I am now…

This team worked great for me for the longest time, but over the last few days my luck has been terrible.

As you can see I’m still working on my speedsters, but I can’t put any of them on my team because they’re all rat bait. Swap-in rampage needs to go in 1.11 otherwise I’m not sure how much longer I’ll tolerate this rage-inducing battle system that caters to the whales. At the rate I’m going I’ll end up back in Aviary, where I’ll end up stomping all over weaker teams to climb back up. That’s not fair to them, and that will cause even more players to leave the game. I want to stay in the arena I belong in. I’ve never intentionally dropped and never will.


Agree, seems like something happened in the last few days - kids got their allowances?

All of a sudden I am facing super rats and Thors that are boosted to 6000+.


I am putting on my tin foil hat here, but am seriously starting to wonder if Ludia has changed things to try and force people into boosts. Things were not great a week ago, but in the last few days the dinos I am coming up against are insanely boosted. Starting to wonder if they are boost-bots.

Interesting that others are seeing this too. Desperate Ludia attempt for more money?


I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed this. On my second account (level 19 in Aviary) it was even worse for several days until I finally won a couple battles today. The fact that I’ve been experiencing the same terrible luck on two different accounts seriously makes me wonder…


Does seem suspicious that their ratings drop and all of a sudden there are a ton of boosted accounts out there. Like I said, probably tin-hat stuff, but makes one wonder…


I personally noticed i was losing and being put up against WAY stronger teams when boosts were for sale…i started feeling “Damn why is my team so weak compared to who im facing? i grind like crazy every single night so i cant hunt more!”

Then i would see boosts for sale and be like “Ohhhh, ok, they want me to feel weak so those boosts look VERY tempting!”

NOPE sorry Lydia, aint happening :slight_smile:

Edit: I dont know if it was players buying all maxxed boosts and thus getting stronger, or the matchamaking specifically placing me against stronger teams to goad me into spending. No way to know since Ludia will never post the algorithm.


Dun ask for a Rat nerf because it will just move to its superhybrids.

Ludia needs to stop forcing arena on the player base. There are more than enough viable alternatives that make the game fun without that buggy, jerk-infested and horrible place wrecking the game.

I am top 100 and I wanna quit. There is nothing to achieve anymore. So what if I am top 100 or top 50? I dun feel I am enjoying myself. Its work to keep grinding battles and incubators for alliance missions. We need less messed up friendlies and a campaign that is replayable in which every battle counts for the alliance counter.

Arena has become the cancer that is killing the game.


If that was they strategy, it failed. I bought the boosts and felt I wasted my money. Then I waste my time trying to get battles.

Ludia has to stop thinking arena is what makes the game remotely fun. Exploring, hunting and fusing is what the core is. Battling is why you hunt and fuse but it shouldnt be a chore.


Thats the thing, with a fun balanced arena, battles would be a viable place to play and have fun. For the first year prior to patch 1.7 the game was like that, arena was great. But then various things made it worse and worse over time, and getting to the sewer it is now.

If they fix arena it can be fun again, and i dont mean just rat i there are heaps of things plaguing battles in general, other dinosaurs, bugs, bad matchmaking, arena droppers…you name it, it all adds to the horror show.

All they need to do is put profits aside for a while and work on the player experience to make it great again.


I have suspected for a while now (but cant prove ofcourse) that the entire first year of the game was simply designed to get players hooked and feeling attached to their teams, and thus would spend anything to protect it.

Anyway its just a theory of mine and more of a gut feeling as well as watching HOW the game changes, specifcally in profitable ways.

If you take note of the way things go on, from “profitable bugs” happening over and over, to straight up bait and switch (changing the entry fee AND rules of tournments after they have started) and even things like having massive sales right before the boost rework (many would not have bought had they known how different they would be) making it very predatory.

Players just need to take a step back, look at whats happening and consider WHY they play out the way they do.


I never had fun with arena. Boosts just made the boredom faster. Doesnt help alliance missions insist you do 20 battles and 10 incubators a day.

Its not even like arena is even fast to get battles. So farming battles is a waste of time. I mean if you can get a battle every 10 seconds instead of 2 mins, maybe I could be too engrossed to have time to reflect. Friendlies are broken. Campaigns are do once and no more. Arena gets old when you meet the same opponents and thus the same dinos. Worse you get a team lineup that is guaranteed to lose.

It says something if you spend less time battling and.more time waiting for.battles. Ludia has to fix something either reduce the alliance requirements, fix friendlies, change the 2 min.timer back to 30s or make AI an option from the start. AI battles are actually fun because they and often easier to beat. Humans tend to be annoying.


It would definitely be a good addition if the game could be played entirely in a PvE sense and not forced to do battles as you say. Actually a number of months ago i suggested a “scailing” battle tower where rewards and battles got tougher and tougher over time… @Sixty-Four believes this is where Ludia took ideas for the Campaign thing, ive not played it myself but from what he tells me it sounds exactly like what i suggested all those months ago.

However if its a “do once and forget” thing as you said, that wasnt what i had in mind when i suggested it, as i had hoped it would reset from time to time (weekly, monthly whatever) and be thus an alternative to arena. I suggested such a tower back when i started finding arena less and less fun and was almost solely playing strike towers, and thus why i suggested it.

I might actually login some time when i wanna chat to my alliance and have a look first hand.

But yeah, a fully PvE viable alternative to arena would be nice, perhaps have those PvE battles be counted as matches for alliance missions? that way those who like arena can contribute that way, and those who cant stand arena (yourself, myself and so forth) would have been able to contribute THAT way.

But at the end of the day, we can suggest things all we like, ask for improvements, balancing being done, nerfs (though id rather concrete counters) but in the end Ludia are the only ones who write the code and put new features, so ultimately its on them to heed our advice.


This was my suggestion i made back in June, as you have played the campaign maybe you can see if its like i suggested?


they only count the first time you do them. You can redo them but they dun count towards the alliance or personal counter so that reduces the incentive to play them.

Essentially, I dun like wasting time doing something I hate. Go out and hunt for 6 hours is fun. Sitting on my behind and doing a Hunchback of Singapura impression is not fun. Also makes you unhealthy


Haven’t heard of Hunchback of Singapura before. That’s a first :joy:

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essentially the posture you adopt when grinding battles. Hunched over your phone.