These battles are not about strategy anymore


Since almost everyone at 4000+ trophies has indominus, indoraptor and monomimus, these battles are not anymore about strategy, counting your opponent moves or dino’s levels. It’s only about RNG more and that s*cks!

I hate dying every time cause opponent’s indoraptor dodges 3 of 3 times when he hits me 4 of 4 when I could dodge. Right now I’ve lost 200+ trophies just because of bad luck. Not because of level difference, not because opponent was smarter. Just because he dodges and I don’t.

When at lower arenas you learn how to fight right, count moves, now you don’t need this. That battle system is annoying and ruined. Right in Ludia’s style to mess up everything good.

I wish that you would get your salary this way. Four times in row you would get “oops, sorry, not this month, bad luck”.


Instead of using dodge against dodge, why not use nullify…


Cause not always you have it or it’s possible to use it.
If your opponent brings indoraptor, it’s pointless to switch to monostegotops. Yeah, it will nullify indo, but mono will die anyway because of speed.


If you’re in a position where you can’t nullify the opponent’s cloak, you were OUTPLAYED STRATEGICALLY.


I quite agree with the background of the message. As I am advancing in the sand every time luck is more determining. In the first arenas there was almost no strategy in the battle, the strongest one won even though the strategy mattered when choosing the 8 dinos and the order of the 4 selected by chance. Later, strategy became increasingly important, although with a percentage of luck (If stegoceratops stunned or not, if the TRex hit you critically or not, etc). With the appearance of Indominus first and then of Monomimus and Indoraptor and some others (for example the stun of Paramoloch) luck is increasingly important and I’m not saying it’s worse, but I like it less.


Ok, imagine that I bring my indoraptor against your dino that don’t have nullify.
Try to win it STRATEGICALLY, not counting on dodging. Even monomimus doesn’t kill it without dodging if you have to switch on it.


Since indoraptor is a fast and hard-hitting creature, chances are my half-dead dino will die without making a hit. Unless you use dodge and give me a chance to try to hit you. Availability of evasive stance actually hurts you here, lol.

THEN I’ll bring my counter.

Obviously nothing will win if you made the genius decision to swap in front of indoraptor, but dodge has nothing to do with it.


Evasive and Cloak too RNG,make it have 60% and 70% reduction to damage for 3/2 turns(can be nullified)


@Akerond Problem is you will satisfy half of the players by doing this ( the have nots)

Unfortunately this will cheese off the other half of the players ( the haves)


It would be the case if your opponent knows what dinos you have but they don’t know so that is pure luck.


I’m play with swappers. Dracorex, Sarcorixis and Tenontosarus. This means I often have almost dead dino’s. Hit the Indoraptor until it cloaks then swap to something almost dead. Then play something with nullify or something with lots of stunning. You haven’t lost much.

Plus evade comes in mostly two types. Always or never. It soon becomes obvious how a match will turn out. :grinning:


I don’t know i have both Indoraptor and Indominus and i would prefer not to rely in 50% dodge.


Perhaps they can change the dodge and evasive to a invincibile at first ( only can be taken down by nullify) and the second 50% RNG!

At least you know 100 % when you cloak you won’t take damage on the first move!

They would also have to make it fair have 4 cool down on invincibile and swapping wont bring it up again


@Rolybert Thats a good idea.That could work well for the people who have those Dinos.But the opposite party had 2 chances to land a blow,now it will have only one with 50% chance to hit.If we just reduce the incoming damage to Indo and In. Rex that means that The Haves won’t lose their Dino and The Have Nots will be happy that landed 2 blows even with reduced damage.


Cloak is like stun, always on or always off.
Pure luck, not skill.


Or the evasive could do this way: the first chance to dodge is 50%. If it doesn’t dodge, nothing happens, but if it does, the next dodge chance is 25%. Next one is 12.5% if it dodges 2 times in a row.
I hate when monomimus dodges 3 times in a row, almost killing my 25lvl stegodeus.


Evasive stance at least don’t boost damage like Cloak. Anyway both moves should be changed.
Cloak should be one turn 50% dodge chance and 1.5 damage or 2 turn and normal damage.
Evasive stance should be reduced on 2 turns 50% chance to dodge or remain 3 turns in exchange losing some speed (10%, 15% or 20%), so some dinos can be faster and have more chances to do damage.


It is tough. Players can argue strategy all day long but only if they get lucky with their 4 selected dinos! Is that not luck? Or if your a gambler you have 12.5% odds or 1/8 to get your counter dino to indo (or i will have 2 counters to double my chances). It is a clever business model. People are addicted to luck.

To create more strategy we need more battle moves for dinos. So instead of 3 or 4 we have 5 or 6 where each dino has a mix of attack reducing, defense moves, counters etc.


Yeah, 4 selected dino is also kind of luck. But you always get 4, not 3 or 2. But if opponent always dodges and kills your duno is like you’ve been given not 4 but 3 dino at the start.


I agree…the level of the creature is increasingly irrelevant. If the Indo dodges “50%” of the time, it should truly be “50%” and not 100% through a battle series. Same with critical hits. If the critical chance is 5% it should literally be 5 times out of 100 hits. It’s not accurate to say a T-Rex has a 30% chance of critically striking it’s opponent when it literally becomes 100% nearly every time. I’ve definitely been the benefactor to these idiotic numbers but I’ve also suffered from them when I’ve clearly had the upper hand.