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These battles must be rigged


I understand that we fight actual people’s teams, but we fight bots. Here is something that happened to me the other day. I’m playing my suchotator and I’m up against a t-rex. The t-rex has killed my previous Dino with defense shattering impact and now he can use defense shattering rampage. When I bring in suchotator he has full health. A t-rex always goes for defense shattering rampage when I have enough health to survive its other attacks. I use instant distraction and instead it goes for defense shattering strike. Time didn’t run out. Then afterwards it uses defense shattering rampage and gets a crit. The bots I fight always seem to have a counter to my attacks, or just a counter to my team. Seems a little fishy to me Ludia.


Confirmation Bias. The people we fight definitely aren’t bots. (Except for the AI battles and occasionally an actual bot) Sometimes there’s just a lot of mind games and luck going on in battles.


Woah woah how come they always go for the same thing then?


No. You were just outplayed. I know it seems mind blowing , but the entire game is correctly analyzing what your opponent is most likely to do next, and then countering that move. They probably figured you had distract, and that you’d use it, so they wanted to keep the move that would definitely beat you (that has a delay) in their back pocket. That’s the game. You were beaten by someone who zigged when you expected zag.


define “the same thing” if you mean like why a rex will go for its strike when you use instant distraction, that’s called the other person not wasting their rampage

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