These buggs πŸ™„

Hello ludia I have a big bugg and Is so annoying I dont see my friends

Can you fix this bugg?

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This has been an issue since forever, and the only suggestion I was given by ludia is to keep less than 50 friends on your friends list… which is less than an alliance total. For some people this is a viable solution, but for others like me who help out in multiple discord channels, this isn’t an option. What I have found is if I am having issues, I make sure I am not on wifi (the game isn’t great on wifi for whatever reason -unless it’s super duper expensive fast wifi), I then go to my alliance list and let that load, then I go to my firends list and let that load, and finally I go and fetch a lobby and usually after doing this song–and-dance number I can get the list to load in the lobby. Hope this helps.


At all the raids this happens to me and it is annoying, I have to go out and re-enter the lobby but also invite random people to see at least one of my friends After I get in the raid and get out im seeing friends who are in the lobby

It must be frustating

Never happened to me, i have a load of friends from Battles, 2 alliances and someone randomly met…

I find that if I keep my list under 50 friends, I can see all of those friends plus my entire alliance without any bugs.

Yes i love this game I just leave my alliance and want to join London Raptors but the buggs are much and now I cant join any alliance

I cant play anymore this game its just gliched