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These coin chases are killing me!

I drove around for over an hour trying to find event Tarbos, I found 3! I did however manage to to max out my event coins and standard supply drop coins. I just feel that we could do with more event dinos rather than coin chases, in fact in that time I managed to find more Tarbo just from driving around anyway so for me that defeats the purpose of the event. I think for the next 2 nights I’ll just dart up any event dinos to use up all my attempts quicker and just donate the Tany and Velo to my alliance I guess cuz it’s a waste of time trying to find Tarbo in my neck of the woods right now.


They need to move these chests on normal drops. They also should increase number of drops. I can barely refill darts using blood scents, cause I dart almost everything.


Yeah good points. I do like the new event stop look though

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Yeah, I mentioned in another topic that I had two nearby event drops, and they were changed overnight into chest drops. Reading this makes me wonder if there’s any coding for it to specifically go after event drops first…

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I think they think that removing most of the supply drops and turning half of the remaining few into treasure chests is going to make us purchase darts.



Moving in a vehicle and hunting = clicking on a sanctuary by mistake so many times it’s not funny. Everything spawns right next to the overload of sanctuaries on the map


I concur…I drive slowly and try to be extra careful in those situations.