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These drone loading times


They’re killing me since the update. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet but good grief its taking FOREVER to get in and out of darting now. Easily adding at least 20 seconds to the total darting times which is a killer when you’re traveling.


same thing here :S it is killing me :smiley:


Agreed–it’s probably not even that much longer, but when you play as a passenger, it takes forever and I missed a lot of dinos this morning (cuz I play my hubby’s game too and I could see what I was missing while I mine was finishing a drone flight).


It has always felt way too long but now it is even worse.

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It’s absolutely terrible, and makes life a lot more difficult with scents. Previously I could stand and dart both dinos and still move far enough away afterwards to get two new dinos spawn. Now I have to move while darting the second dino, otherwise I won’t get far enough away and only one dino will spawn. And as for the last 2-dino spawn on a 5-minute scent - it’s almost impossible to dart both now unless you start on the first pretty much immediately. I’ve had a few times where I get stuck in the loading screen for the second dino because there was only about 2 seconds left when clicked on the launch button (I assume because the game is now looking for a dino that is no longer there).

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Yup there’s a lot of slowness in general now since 1.6 update.