These new trials on the map

Now we get these trials on the map they are taking up space for what might otherwise be useful things.

The fact that they are extremely boring and uninspiring aside, why do they have to last 3 days?

I have 2 of my drops taken up by them at present and I had to sneak out to walk half a mile to get the boost strike. I also had to go outside the perimeter to reach the epic strike tower earlier.

Surely 12 hours is plenty of time to do them isn’t it?


I have 4 unused supply drops that could have had something on them. They weren’t even occupied by the trials.

Happens to me as well

So as if to rub salt in the wound, the Advanced Protection Trial drops have just increased to 3 now!

Come on, seriously Ludia - why do they need to remain on the map for 72 hours?

An answer would be most welcome

I dunno I kinda like em . They make me feel like I’m an epic strike tower :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not so much about whether or not they are liked.

It’s about why they have to sit there for three days!

And the silence from Ludia is deafening…

Two days ago didn’t have small strike in sight, but there were at least 8 normsl drops without trial or strike tower. Also advantage trial could be only two days, as both others are two days. Why trial appear on only day when we have overlaping daily dinos?

I honestly think that 24 hours is long enough for any strike tower.

These advantage strike towers are taking over what might have been the scent strikes that I can see in the distance, or the small strike which is also visible some distance away.

Just waste of drops. Rewards are useless. I would prefer they are removed and we get more green drops :slight_smile:

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Just have trials one per each day for 7 days. Increase the difficulty and prizes. Gray Incubator for 2 days, Small Blue Incubator for the next 2 days and Small Epic, Big Blue and Big Epic Incubator for the last 3 days.