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These towers are rigged


Epic strike is critting me left and right, every dino that comes out is critting damn near every single turn. No possible way I can complete. Now they want money to try again. Yep, of course they do, because its rigged.

Gotta love how the lower levels who actually need these rewards, are unable to aquire them.

Thanks for wasting my time and patience. Maybe 3 years from now I can actually complete one of these ignorant things. Until then I guess I am stuck running these level 5 strikes, with rewards that are completly useless even to my low level butt. Yep thanks a lot. Game is getting old fast. /end rant.

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I had been going through same agony until I got some useful legendaries and leveled them up to 19-20, epic strike tower now have been quite easier to defeat. Try to get some legendaries like stego, monostegotops, indomius, spinotasuchus and table will turn on your side.


The crits do indeed suck… I had a tower a couple events ago that I just couldn’t get past… same issue as you… crit hit just about every time… I gave up after the third fail… kept getting to the last dino but couldn’t make it due to the crits…

This tower I was able to take down with a level 10 account…

Level 19 Suchotator
Level 17 Utahsinoraptor
Level 21 Velociraptor
Level 15 Dracorex G2

Granted I knew what to level up to help me the best at the lower levels… I also helped my wifes’ level 10 account and she had:

Level 17 Suchotator
Level 16 Utahsinoraptor
Level 20 Velociraptor
Level 14 Dracorex G2


The strike towers are touted as training battles (although the AI in them is pretty bad compared to a real person). Strike towers are not supposed to all be beatable by all team levels.

My team level is around 17-20.
The silver cans are for lower-level teams (1-10) and are easy for me to beat with any of my dinosaurs.
The blue strike cans are for mid-level teams (11-20). They aren’t too difficult for me but I do have to be careful because careless playing can cause a failure.
The gold strike cans are for upper-level teams (21-30). It’s hit or miss whether I will complete them or not. For me they require strategy and planning and putting the correct team of dinosaurs against them. There have been some that I have had to rely on luck mechanics to work for me or fail for the opponent because that was the best team I could put together. I’ve won them with good planning but have also lost due to being hit by a single crit hit at the wrong time.

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My primary account went through the epic 5 battle strike tower quite easy and even solo’d the last battle with my level 25 Stegodeus.

My second account made it through only 4 of the 5 battles but just didn’t have the power to take out the last of the 3 dino’s. I tried 3 times. The third time was an accident trying to get a raptor stuck in the damn tower base and accidentally hit the pay 200 for a retry.


I lost my whole team to a level 29 brachiosaurus once… I agree that it’s a bit unfair that they’re so hard.
I am a level 8/9 player, I’m a calm gamer but I do play everyday, just I hardly ever go out and about for this game…

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Unable to complete todays epic strike as well. Tried 3 times and cost me 400 hard cash for litterally nothing at all. Dont want to try anymore as it is the same as just deleting 200 cash.

Crit madness. The raptors crit me left and right. They crit me with pounce, regular strikes and swap. Yet they are all 20%?

Totally rigged imo.


What was your team (with their lvl)?


You need to lvl up your dinos for epic strike towers. Their difficulty lvl is high as per your lvl. I can feel your pain as I’ve gone through the same.

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I soloed it. They must’ve rigged it just for you lol




Yup. I was only a level 5 player back then

Here’s my team now
so yeah… I’d be able to do it nowadays…

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Last week I took out a level 20

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Good team as per your lvl. Draco G2 is real pain in @$5 LoL.


With this team you could have easily defeated lvl30 brachi


Starting to agree with OP. Todays epic strike [30 weirho and 30 sino) was ass. They crit me every attack but 1 and I lost.

I see the crit stat on these dinos, and ive faced both in the arena many many times (been awhile since weirho) and neither dino crits like this in arena, only in the towers.

Not sure I want to spend hard cash on a rigged event to try again :frowning:


They didn’t crit on me. Try it again!


Never give up!!


I beat it with lethal wound>swoop from spinota, into cloak>rampage from erlidom


Try using a bleeder… Suchotator is easy to create and would have surely helped you to overcome the Brachiosaurus with ease…