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They are multiplying

Help. The Koolabourgania has multiplied and is now going to take over the game

This is a legit glitch by the way


Am I the only one who finds this bird disturbing?


They won’t leave me. No matter what

Yeah quite disturbing, especially when they multiply very quickly

God he’s not the only one

First it’s a carnivorous Sauropod now there’s a beakless bird…im starting to get disturbed by these 1.7 hybrids…


Obviously Monolometrodon is Koolabourgania

It did it again

Have you tried re-booting your app?

Yep. But later the Erliko happened again

This may then have something to do with your device. Please write in to; if you have already submitted your ticket, update it saying that the issue remains after 1.7.25.

I uninstalled the app then re installed the app again and everything is fine for the moment, but if it happens again I will use the link. Thanks for the help

What about the reptilian cat? :persevere::confounded:

Tuophysis … chill mate, your Koolabourgania’s are just playing a game of
leap frog while waiting for the next arena battle to start that is why they
are jumping over the top of each other lol

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Bendy is great.