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They can add these cool creatures

prionosuchus, ceratosaurus, dodo, argentavis, patagotitan, gastonia, daspletosaurus
i mean this can be a cool idea to start with

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Compsognathus with Suggested Stats, Attacks, Mechanics, & Rarity!

Now that raids are a thing and so many dinosaurs have “group” attacks. I think now is a perfect time to add Compsognathus to the game. The suggestion I have would be a group of 3-5 compies as “one dinosaur”. So, they would be in a pack like this picture and all of their attacks would be “group attacks” that affect each of the dinosaurs in a raid. Suggested mechanics for attacks would include the compies weaving between each other with 1-2 of them jumping in a similar manner the way raptors do, otherwise, it would be a basic chomp strike similar to the stegosaurus. Standing mechanics (for when spotted on the map) would be the the compies looking around, not in sync but in different directions. Drone would show the group running in a pack with different compies being the target mark.

Stats Suggestions - Based on Level 11
Rarity: Epic
Health: ~2600
Attack: ~600
Speed: 128

Resilient Group Strike
Team: Cleans Distraction. Target: Group, remove Dodge, Cloak, and speed increase. Reduce Speed 50% for 1 Turn. 1x Attack.

Group Acceleration
Priority. Team: Cleanse speed decrease. Increase speed 50%, lasting 3 turns. Target: Lowest HP. 1x Attack.

Group Devastation
Target: Group. 3x Attack.


  • 100% Speed Decrease
  • 100% Stun
  • 50% DoT

I really hope you consider this addition, Ludia! This “group of dinosaurs” mechanic could also be applied to other small dinosaurs such as Homalocephale.

good idea! i also have idea for a coelophysis pack.
COELOPHYSIS deals 320 DMG and has 1200 HP. its has a special move called “pack revenge” 2 more coelophysis appear and all pounce on enemy dealing 3000 damage. also coelophysis is a epic creature with no hybrid

Wait, that’s Jurassic Park Builder raptor special attack.

Hola, yo antes podía jugar al alive, pero mi dispositivo se quedo anticuado, me gustaría saber si la especie del carchadorontosaurio esta y si no pues otra especie a agregar😊


Translated From Spanish:

Hello, I used to be able to play alive, but my device is out of date, I would like to know if the carchadorontosaurus species is there and if not, then another species to add😊

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

LOL I forgot, I used to play it before it died