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They didn't fix a single thing!

instant invincibility is still broken. Tryko and ardent are still extremely OP, this whole update did nothing at all. Another of the major players are jumping off this ship cause Ludia obviously is incompetent and ignorant on how to balance a game. Bring back to before 2.0 where no one creature could control the entire game.

The update didn’t promise any more than it delivered.


Did you read the mini update notes though?

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Were you here 1.14? How about when proceratomimu, gemini indo g2, like 4 others ruled the game. How about we include instant decleration, maybe instant vulnerability, instant dot, etc.

I prefer tryko and Maxima than to turn to Gemini Indo g2 and p
ProRat, Moth, Phoru and Lania

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The notes said the Instant Invincibility taunt now last 2 turns instead of 4, and it does. They never said the shield would change.

The lobby is full issue on raids is still there though that one was one I was hoping for as we spend more time trying to get into a Raid than actually doing the raid. But nevermind.

I like the target indicator in raids when you long hold on a move, that’s much easier. And the PVP battles no longer have 10 minutes of debuffs for each turn which is also nice.

All the update did was make me miss my chance at the Mortem Raid this week…
Thanks Ludia. :rage: