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They DO exist!


I had just gotten off work, I got a good feeling so I opened up my JWA while car pooling with a co worker.
A few minutes into the drive to my home I see this:

Needless to say I flipped out a little, I haven’t seen a Sino in the wild since September. After darting it, I used its Dna for Utasino. Not two minutes after fusing it I go back to my map and see this:

I’ve only seen TWO Mono’s in the wild since I started playing at launch. I’ve seen more golden chickens (4) than it. I was so excited I actually squealed a little and startled my friend/coworker driving. I got a 171 dart for it which is amazing for me on a epic. I average 120-140 on them.

It made my night and wanted to share.


I live near Mono’s zone, so it’s one of the epics I’ve seen the most.

But I only saw Sino ONCE…


I see bary most of the time I see an epic.


The real unicorn for me is Anky. I see Sino and Mono pretty often since I live on the border of a local 3 and a local 1. In comparison I’ve seen only one wild Anky, that too at a car repair nest.


In fact they don’t


Several months back (September I think) I would see 2-3 Anky a day. I had a nice stockpile of its dna before I could start fusing its epics. I’ve seen two since then I think. Most recent was Christmas week.

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It’s needless to say I’m a bit jealous? :wink:

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Saw my first one in the wild this morning. 2 this morning while I was tucked up in bed and just beyond the range of my drone. Sometimes this game is laughing at me. :cry:


I’d share if I was able too. <3

I’m sorry, I feel your pain. It happens to me while I’m at work ALL the time.


I’m in Mono zone too, so I don’t even run for them as it’s freezing outside and I lack Tricera DNA to lvl up my Monostego.

Didn’t see Sino for a long time in wild (outside of events).

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My monostego is lvl 23, my mimus is 22, I see Mono fairly often. Anky on the other hand has become almost mythical for me, “have they ever spawned or did I just imagine it”.

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My Unicorn is Kentrosaurus. I even live in L1 lol

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Kentro for me too…seen one when i started to play in mid august…till than just the event dinos :confused:


I got Kentro from incubators, but now need Anky, which never spawn.


I haven’t seen many Kentros lately. Not since 1.5, seen maybe one.


Yeah kentro is one of the rarer epics… i see way more sino then kentro… but i get kentro often enough from 8 hours… never have enough anky to go with it though.


This is my baby. I live and work in L1. I’m just lacking Utahraptors to get to 23 right now. I’ve been playing since early June but this is how far I’ve gotten.

This nasty thing took down the level 30 T-rex solo the other week. It has the power of a unique.

I just leveled one of these on my second account to 18 and has 1077 damage where most considered good stuff are still in the 700’s with damage.

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I recently got Utasino during christmas. Most of my Sini dna before then went to Allosino. I work long hours and don’t get much time to take advantage of the event dinos. I’m lucky I got as much sino dna as I have. Lol


The Utasino and Allosino are both really good adds to a team. I would love to have both but didn’t want to split my resources between two.


I really want Allosino’s hybrid. I’m a sucker for green. I’ve already got a nice stock pile of Tarbo dna I’m working on. Just need to get my Allosino to get to 20.