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..They had at least two choices to advance the game

Ludia could have raised the bar for end game players by simply raising the top stats (creating new creature levels) of creatures and creating new arenas above the top current levels.

But, they didn’t. They chose to affect all players above level 10 by having the option of upping stats of every single creature at any level. To top it off, they (in typical Ludia fashion) “accidentally” allowed unlimited purchases.

This has affected everyone above level 10 (or wherever you can use boosts). If you’re starting out, this won’t affect you at all. Me? I’ve struggled too hard and paid too much to get where I’m at. I’m not okay with suddenly having my level reduced by a few arenas. I really think I’m done with this game.

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Take the cassual road for awhile, Ludia can still fix this hot mess. Too many players leaving over this. :hushed:


The new Niantic game is coming out soon.