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They moved my post so this one is different

I think the forum deserves to be flooded with DIFFERENT posts about the same thing. I don’t want to see 1 post complaing about DC and 1 post praising it. I want to see the 100 DC complaint posts and the 1 DC praise post. I want to make sure Ludia and everyone else knows what mistakes they are making aren’t even with the good things they are doing.

So instead of comparing Ludia’s response time to this mornings “bug” to every other bug, I will use this post to ask for a response from Ludia. I want to hear everyone else’s thoughts on getting a response from Ludia. Even if its just a little “I want that too” from other users. I want EVERYONES voice to be heard.

I don’t want a gift thrown at us, I want acknowledgment.


My post didn’t just get moved, it was REmoved.


Good luck getting a response.

They couldn’t care less.

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I am well aware, but I want to change that. The players organized against EA and even though I had no care for the Star Wars: Battlefront remakes, I was proud of the playerbase making sure that they were heard. If that’s what we have to do then that’s what I want to do.

They are going down, eliminating, or blocking the most important issues, and leaving irrelevant topics up.

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Next thread I’ll open is about boosts…

Will be moved removed or shredded

That’s why I put this post up. I want us to be heard.

Hopefully not, I am hoping that this topic gets big enough that they can’t take it down.

I disagree. It is already flooded with hundreds of identical rants. One thread per rant so that the rest of the forum can be for useful discussion is a better. We don’t need multiple identical rants.

You are in for a long wait if you want a response from Ludia.

Apparently the players who use the forum are way too fervent about the game for the devs or bosses to deal with.

That’s why they have mods, to deal with us.

So good luck in your quest, just don’t hold your breath.


I understand the reasoning for doing what they do, don’t get me wrong. However the vast majority sees only 1 post of each and dont bother looking at the replies. I feel like Ludia does the same IF they even look. I am tired of not being heard and I am sure others are too. I just want this game to be what it used to be. Not in the complete sense, but in the sense where I wanted make an appreciation post about adding alliances and introducing more events. They deserve proportionate feedback and we deserve acknowledgement, whether those are positive or negative doesn’t matter.

Yeah, but I want to try, the game is worth trying for. I appreciate the comment though, the more responses the better.

Absolutely, the game is definitely worth trying for.

Despite all its flaws, I still play every day and eagerly await the next session of levelling up my dinos.

I just wish it was how it used to be when I levelled them up and got a new and improved roster. Before boosts and 1.8 I would actually win a few arena battles :rofl:


Yeah haha I like using dinos you don’t see often and instead of boosting one dino I try to keep em even between all dinos. It makes for interesting matches when I pull out my Gigaspika or Megalosuchus and they have no clue what to do haha. I’ve seen a Giga once but never another Megalosuchus (which is surprising considering they dumped a bunch of Gorgosuchus into everyone’s lap)

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I play the game since lauch and really love this game. I want to see its success.
What drives me to play this game everyday is the hope that Ludia could find a way to save this sinking ship.
Even though the hope is so dim, I will not stop hoping.
When the game is moving to the right direction and we can enjoy it again, I will not hesitate to subscribe to VIP to show my support.


Big agree. I don’t mind supporting, but atm I won’t throw momey at something that won’t be around much longer.

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Too late. I hope so. But the trend is to be a sinking boat.

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Let’s work to stop that trend. Hopefully more people start to reply. I have already seen this post in suggested.


My personal bet is now fighting without boosts…

+1500 trophies down in two days.

This shows us there is no balance.

I still try to figure out when lose streak will finish and find kind of balance… Maybe I finish with 0 trophies…

My team now in 3900

Yeah that’s crazy man :confused: I unfortunately used boosts on my creatures precisely because I didn’t want to drop and wanted to be able to get my daily without playing for 2+ hours. I don’t dump them on one creature tho, I keep them as spread out as possible.


Pirulass - I think the new matchmaking algorithm is designed to persecute droppers big time now.

You will be treated as a dropper, so you will have to keep battling against teams matched with your highest trophy count, until your trophies are matched with the strength of your team.

Looking at your current team I would guess that will happen at about 3300-3500.