They Need a New Vision for this Game

I wish I knew the down the road vision for this game. It’s just very repetitive, no matter what new creatures and moves they add.

They add things with achievements and now the pass but those things are more bells and whistles that tend to grow old really quick.

Next week will start the next new creatures cycle again but PvP gameplay will still be the same. They invested into all these team moves with all the creatures but for only raids, to me, is just a waste.

Unless they add either single player team vs team or group team vs team like raids, new creatures just are not going to hold attention of players. My wife has been playing other games that are coop but maybe that just isn’t their vision for this one as much as it could be. Alliances teams vs Alliances teams is the logical direction, that’s if they want to retain players longer. I don’t hard play PvP much because is I’m plateaued and it gets old fast.

What we have now with the weekly and monthly challenges for alliances is not forming bonds with anyone. We are all playing separately and not together as an alliance team. This’s what is really missing.

You make team vs team tournaments, add alliance trophy scores with alliance rewards from team play where it forces players to interact. Bonds will form, players may stay in their alliances longer and work together. This will give players new goals and a new bigger reason to play.

We are practically there with this. We team up to raid a raid team. When can we start playing matches against other real player teams? We don’t need more achievements or passes. We need incentive to build up more creatures and play as teams against other real player teams.


I don’t know if this game would ever be in a place to sustain team matches. Like I’m not by any means against it but you think match making is bad in one on one it’ll just get worse and it opens up a whole new can of worms.

Like do you limit who can play together by levels and what levels do you base restrictions on player levels or Dino levels? Are we okay with Carries if we don’t set levels.

Then theirs the whole issues of keeping multiple people connected in real time .

Like it’s a cool idea and would be interesting to see but honestly it will be a hot dumpster fire if it were to be introduced. Because Ludia.

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Back then I downloaded a single player game. And this is what I want to play.

Alliances, tournaments, sanctuaries and shared missions are fine. But I do not want to organize battles with other players…

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Thanks to a tapjoy offer I ended up playing The Grand Mafia a month or so ago and in that game they have alliance vs alliance for rewards.

Herein is the problem - if you aren’t in a top 10 alliance you’ve had it. So this would probably be the case here wouldn’t it?

At least with the way things are now we all have the chance to get good rewards if we collectively get together with the weekend tourney. But if the rewards were dependant on my alliance facing apex predators we wouldn’t get anything!

I dont think we need more aspects of the game. Im already a prolific player (at least 5hrs a day), the nonsense that is pvp already means that i cut back on tournament depending on how much time the former takes up. Add to that darting, strikes, drops et al and we already have multiple aspects keeping us busy, adding more will simply serve to put the more casual player off further.

We absolutely need more in the game. It seriously takes an hour to max out supply drops complete strike towers, dart weekly dinosaurs and daily missions. Tournaments are about the only thing building a team for matters anymore but “skill” tournaments kill that.

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