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They’re back! 😱

Damien/Austin and Marco/Hugo are back!! Maybe some of the girls are too!!! Yay!!! :scream::raised_hands:t2::heart:


Yep, of the ones I matched with Angel is back. So I’m guessing Emmalyn is too for those who chose her instead. I hope this means maybe a few new characters can be matched with now, but so far no luck for me. I’m glad to see an update though.

Austin disappeared!!! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: i already matched with him and everything!! i already checked if my app needed to be updated but nothing!!

I’m sorry that happened, Eugenia_Wong! If Austin appears again, you can re-match with him, and you’ll resume the convo from where you two left off. :slight_smile:

ok thx…i didn’t unmatch him though so im not sure if it’s a bug or not…

I’m so glad they came back. I hope we get another update soon, because I just have Dominic and Austin (not complaining there, absolutely love him), but I miss my other boys.

@Eugenia_Wong how did you get Antoine and Min-Jae lee?!? I have been swiping right every time they show up!!!

If you matched with Noah and Liam they are the counterparts to Antoine and Min-Jae so you won’t be able to match with either of them in that case.

@Fish so do I just unmatch with them to be able to match with the others?

Someone told me you can do that and match with the counterpart after a few tries, but I haven’t seen anyone else be able to so maybe. The stories are exactly the same though donuts just a matter of which character’s appearance you prefer. There is no limit as how how many you can match with though, so you don’t need to unmatch with who you have to match with other characters provided they’re available to be matched with and aren’t the counterparts to anyone you’re currently matched with.

if u matched with their duplicates u won’t get matched with them :frowning: (Noah is Antoine’s duplicate and Liam is Min-Jae’s duplicate)

I just got to where Marco goes on a long break, does this mean I reached the end of the Most recent update :frowning:

Yeah, that’s indeed what “away for a while” means, but he’ll be back eventually. Give it a couple weeks or so for another story update.

Anyone here know why I can’t match with anyone else? I have only three people left that haven’t gone offline for a while. And everyone I am swiping right on doesn’t match. I’m not swiping on the counterparts either.

Many of the newer characters can’t be matched with yet, so if you’re trying to swipe right on them you’ll never successfully match with them until they have story content released. Hopefully that will be soon though!

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I hope they come back again soon! I’m down to only Cpt. Muffin left.

:sob::sob: i miss you

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