They’re back!


last Friday, ludia banned all the cheaters.

but… they’re comming back.

I just fought against over level 20 creatures,
and I couldn’t won a single one duel.

this is rubbish.

but, if you think they’re spoofers,
think again.

spoofing is just ‘faking location’.

you can’t earn that much to do that.

so, I think they are just hackers or
wasting mountains of their cash just like

well, whatever they are,
they just started to break this game.


BS. I have 2 lvl 22 dinos & 4 lvl 20 dinos. I quit VIP last month and am grinding through it now. Lost in streaks as well but that doesn’t mean I have lost to all spoofters and cheats and hackers…maybe the richer (no doubt).