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They really should add a new type of dinosaur rarity

I think they should add to more new rarities either wild card or maybe mystical.IM just saying if you have any idea come say it about a new dinosaur rarity!!

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They just added Apex not long ago, with a number of members that can be counted on one hand.

What do you feel is missing from what we had that would require an additional class?


they would need to add levels to 40 or make ultimate hybrids which start at level 26. i think indom would be the first one to have a hybrid like that with a unique cuz you can’t have a new hybrid rarity without indom.

its not happening for a long time tho

maybe if they were mega hybrids they would start at level 25 or 30 and they would have to put the levels up to 40 or 50 which would be good yes or no

You can’t increase the max level. The requirements to get any dino to 31 are already staggering, let alone 40. The whole system would have to be revamped, making increased levels useless again.
There is a mathematical reason 30 is the maximum and I doubt this will change.
However, there is of course the possibility to add another rarity which requires you to fuse lvl30s, and it would create a lvl30, with no option to upgrade it.

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It either adding a new type of hybrid rarity or new dinos and examples of new dinos you want in the game???

For example one creature that I want is the Megaraptor Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 10.22.02 AM

To add new levels, they’d probably have to re evaluate gold cost or making gold much more avaible, like a lot

Or maybe lvl 30 fusing to unlock lvl 26 apex, that way you have to grind even longer to level it up.

Good idea.

IMO we don’t need a new type of rarity.