They Ruined Battling


I have had the game since it came out and have played it almost daily since then… I have established quite a good team without spending any real world money on the game and have risen up the battle tiers almost to the top… But then they released the new update which quickly made me drop almost a complete 2 tiers… I went from losing maybe 1 or 2 for every 5 battles… to winning maybe 1 for every 5 battles. They have nerfed almost every Dino on my team while buffing the ones that were already a counter to my team and I am getting fed up. I refuse to spend money on a free game and have gotten so used to the way my team works together that I am not sure if I can switch it up and learn a new strategy what should I do?


You need to switch it up and use a different team. Just because they buffed/nerfed certain dinosaurs does not mean they “ruined” battling. It just means it is now challenging for YOU but that’s a personal problem. You will adapt.


Rule #1 never become a one trick pony.

Rule #2 never ignore rule number 1.

There, now go diversify away from your Raptor strike force and start winning.


I get it but at the same time it’s not like my team was even that powerful… sure I won more often than I lost but I still was nowhere near some of the people at the top. Especially since all of the Dino’s on my team aren’t even that hard to get I don’t see why they would nerf them since everyone should have them by now


I did have a level 15 velociraptor and a level 10 utahraptor but those weren’t even the reason why I won half the time


You’ll only go so far without paying real money. Sure, you can play for free forever, but eventually you’ll need more and more coins to keep your levels up and be able to compete. I don’t buy incubators. I focus on getting coins, so my team is pretty basic compared to others who spend real money on it. I just get their levels as high as possible. I had to make some changes to my team after the update because I started getting smoked, but it’s evening out again. It just cost some serious coin to bring up some new dinos that I had previously ignored.


Seriously though, the battle has been ruined. Either that or Ludia is trying very hard to even up the field. Case in point: My “stun” attacks don’t work whereas my opponent stuns the XXX out of me, my “cloaked” dino gets whacked and I get “instant charged” when it is my turn. When all these failed to materialise, my buttons stop working so I can’t choose my moves and my last battle was epic. I was on the verge of winning a battle when I was prompted to switch out my dino. No other buttons worked and I had to switch out from a healthy dino to a slower & injured dino which the opponent promptly whacked and henceforth losing the battle.
If not for the incubators, I wouldn’t even think twice about battling. Used to be fun especially when the matches were evenly poised but not so nowadays. Regardless of what dinos show up, I know that I am gonna lose it.


Not a fan of all the tanks… battles are slow and sometimes I lose interest. I’m still playing alot everyday trying to level up Dino’s I prefer it.



so you have a team of all raptors, like everyone else used to have. we all switched because the update killed them, and you, knowing the are not strong anymore, keep throwing them out there expecting something to change?

that’s what instant charge does :+1:


The easiest way to win after the update. Level up your IRex. That’s the only dino you ever need to win 9/10 battles… :blush:


Yes, I know that but the opponent gets the next turn after that. Scenario: It’s my turn. I get instant charged. So after that, it should be my turn, right? But no…it is still their turn.


anything with a shield or nullify will beat irex


I looked forward to getting my IRex , and it wins only 1 in 3 battles . I guess it isn’t as great as I hoped it would be .