They ruined the Campaign

I was at level 75, earning Unique dna, now I am pushed back to fighting epics for dna I don’t need…

All of them, at starter level (upto uniques) take about 30 minutes. Then get to uniques and fight them.

Not the point. All my hard work was thrown away needlessly. I would have unlocked my 22 Unique if I had beat level 75. There isn’t an option to return to your previous level. It’s like losing your save point in a game and having to start over. I am not doing that.

I’m never spending real money on the game again, and I’m definitely not going to play the campaign anymore

I also didn’t finish them, cause I used it to help with alliance missions. They said our old progress would be kept, so I didn’t bother to finish them. Now apparently I missed on those rewards…


I had been stuck for awhile so I welcome the change. Sucks that it doesn’t work out for you

I’m annoyed that they’ve seemingly added extra dino DNA to some of the existing campaign quests (I don’t remember winning any Indotaurus DNA before the revamp). Yet those of us who completed those missions can only win the second level, so we miss out.

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There are also some tasks that are impossible to do the special objectives.

Well this is ridiculous as I also hadn’t finished the previous campaign as it helped alliance missions.

If I had known I would lose my progress like this I would have finished it.

So when we were told our precious progress would be saved that wasn’t true at all.


Pathetic… simply pathetic… It’s amazing how they manage to find new ways to screw with their own players in almost every update


I used to be in the unique chapter and got put in chapter 17 here which was a little behind in difficulty. But I don’t mind I get some extra rewards and the change from requirements to recommendations meant I was able to beat all the bosses in the last chapter on intermediate using my low boosted or base creatures. I like this a lot more it sucks knowing you can beat things in the campaign with your current creatures but being held back by a lvl barrier


I was 2 - 2 missions away from completing every single campaign level. I just needed 4 level 30’s and currently I am just shy of that. All that work gone lol, but tbh I will get more rewards now simply because I can go back and try each campaign at a different level, which is really nice. I know I need to wait for a boost shuffle to win the edaph challenge, though - that thing is impossible :rofl:. I’ll just put all my boosts on eddy when a boost shuffle comes and take them off after I win :joy:

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You know would be nice, if they reset the rewards every few months so it does become like the last campaign and never be touched again

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I’m quite sure you face the same uniques in Champaign 2.0 as you do in the old Champaign. What unique were you close to unlocking?

I enjoyed the new campaign more than I needed to despite the numerous problems. Probably because the less tight mandatory restrictions ie. Lord Lyth allowed smoother sailing. The progress reset was mostly ok since the rewards are mostly worth it. Boost caps are a double edged sword somewhat good restriction that encourages you to atleast put some good lvl on your dinos. The optional quest however like everything need rebalancing. I do not have a high lvl boosted edaphosaurus sitting around to beat indoraptor and indominus alone just for a star. The same goes for I dont have a tanky irritator to do 3 group ferocities on the goat while not losing 2 dinos

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Same here. I was staying at campaign mission 81 to farm battles when needed but now I lost the opportunity to finish it… Great communication once again by Ludia…