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They said it would be better

Lots of folks told me fusing Thor would be much easier then fusing Indoraptor ( who I am still trying to fuse, send me more rex please Ludia haha) finally saved up the coins to fuse tarbo up, and get ready to fuse some allosino… I should’ve known what was coming after trying to get some DNA into allosino… I had 1724 dna saves up… after spending 700 of it all I got was…300. I got sooo many tens I lost count…ugh

Figured maybe I got all my tens out of the way…

I think I need to lay down :sob:

I still have not gotten anything over a 20 on a unique to this day. And I’m currently fusing my third unique…

Don’t worry you’ll get a 30 on the last fuse when you only need 10 :+1:


Ive gotten a 70 on thor in creating… and i got 70 on indo levelimg from 21-22 so it can happen… 10s are brutal though no doubt… turning all that dna into 10 can be soul crushing.

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I’d love a 70, heck a 20 would be nice ;;

Haha so true!! Always seems to happen.

Wow really?? I haven’t made one unique and they are soul crushing. I have indo at 183 for ages now and now Thor at 80… Can’t believe 1700 sino dna wasn’t enough just, mind blown