They saw me coming

Like it’s said there’s one born every minute! I did a tap joy garden scape offer to reach level 25 for 1100 bucks!

I was at 11 and basically deleted the game since sucks 2. I got a tapjoy for level 10.

Whilst in the process to get to 25 I stupidly spent 19.00

When I went back to JWA I realized I could have just bought the buck!

Stupid stupid stupid stupid


Awww Roly. Sorry for your derp. We still love you!


Poor thing. I will definitely will learn from your experience! I wonder why I do the things I do too…


Got mine to lvl 23 today. Loving the Halloween scents!


I bought 12 of them😅

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I posted that to the wrong thread omg I’m sorry. :rofl:

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I bought like 40-50 by now.


I did 2 offers and got one incubator and 12 scents

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It’s ok! We still love you even though we are jealous that you live in epic central!


Maaaan that’s like over 16 hours using scents you are cray cray.

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level 25? for 1100 bucks? that’s less than $10 of real money. how long did it take to get to 25? i feel like for all of those you could just apply to work at mcdonalds for an hour and get it quicker.

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15 minutes

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I know. But it’s been worth it. My Indo I just created is lvl 23. :crazy_face:

i feel like i need to level mine up. i’ve been rolling with my OG lvl 24 since june (saving trex DNA for tryk :crossed_fingers:) , but it seems like everyone is catching up really fast or passing now :thinking:

Yeah most, if not all the TapJoy are a waste of time.

I once tried to do their “quick” surveys, and after completing one which then led to ANOTHER and then at the end finally said “Sorry you don’t qualify to complete these surveys!”. Oh I don’t qualify to complete the surveys I just completed? oh thanks for letting me know this AFTER I already completed them.

Needless to say I didn’t get a single DinoBuck!

Then I seen the ones that say watch a video for 1 DinoBuck, so after watching a bunch I never got ANY of the promised Bux even though I watched the trailers!

NEVER touching the TapJip UI ever again!


how many levels in that game if you are at 25 in 15 minutes :thinking:

i’m at 20 in JWA after 7 months :eyes:

Its probably one of those gams with like 200 levels or more lol.

Also im 75% through level 16 heading to 17 in JWA and ive only been playing half what you have ^_^. And I don’t even play as much as I used to play PoGo! Of which I made it to level 34 in a matter of months playing constantly!

Even went on a 7 hour walk around the Sydney Botanical gardens the night before New Years eve 2016, where they were setting up all the lights and fireworks all over the Sydney Harbour bridge and Opera house!
That was such a great day!

i dont think you realize how much time it will take to go from 16-20 :eyes:
it takes like 650,000 XP to go from 19 to 20 alone

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Ahh I see, well maybe we are levelling at about the same pace then…

I unlocked her/him tonight thanks to the capsules :smiley: looking forward to next week!