They saw me coming

Congrats on getting Indoraptor unlock mate =D!

For the record Indoraptor is male! As confirmed by Dr Wu himself in Fallen Kingdom. He refers to Indo as “him” and “he’s a prototype”. So yeah :slight_smile:

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Why do people care what pronoun someone uses… it’s a game. :tired_face:

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Well he did say her/him implying he didn’t know and probably would like to know…I know I was surprised that they finally made a male right off the bat.

PS: Man that was a lot of “knows” lol

Hey-hey! I want your cray-cray! Sorry it killed me seeing Dr.who singing that :rofl:

I don’t know why but ready your post before reading what you were replying too sounded kinda perverted LOL. Dunno why =/

I was trying to block that from my mind, most embarrassing moment of MCU… ever!

I’m always regarding to the dinosaurs and other creatures as ‘it’.
Gender neutrality ftw ^^

I couldn’t care less what gender anyone refers to them as because it’s not real life. What I don’t like is when people correct other people on what ‘gender’ some pixels on a screen is. I’ve seen some people have full on arguments about it, ridiculous behaviour. :sweat_smile:


It’s simple like candy crush

Really funny thing is that I’m very much a her lmao!

Hey dinosaur have feelings and genders too LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

because there is (was :grimacing: :sob:) only one indoraptor and it was a male. there were like 3 IREX. i think the main one in JW was female, but the other 2 I don’t know if they ever said their gender, one could have been male.

and most of the time it’s because people will say “all dinos in JW/JP were female”, as their justification for why indoraptor is a girl. when it isn’t :+1: if someone wants to argue gender nuetral, whatever i guess, but to definitivley try to say it’s a girl is what gets most people i think.

but only humans are making a drama about gender