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They should add Ardentismaxima

I would love to see Ardentismaxima, seeing we have gen 2 creatures.

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Oh Yes? It will take ages to create though,and super broken, look at Indoraptor and Indoraptor Gen 2,they are already quite fine. Brachiosaurus + Argentinosaurus + Secodontosaurus will not be possible. But surely, I would love to see the Sauropod

We don’t have Ardontosaurus though.
If they add Ardontosaurus to the game, there might be a chance.

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They have done this switching around Components though. We do not have Echo for Indominus Rex Gen 2,but Velociraptor Gen 2 instead,and we use Velociraptor DNA instead of Blue’s for Indoraptor Gen 2. Spinotasuchus is made up of Spinotahraptor(Utahraptor and Spinosaurus) and Kaprosuchus,not Spinoraptor and Kaprosuchus S DNA

I forgot about that, oops.

I forgot about that.

Well Spinoraptor is a hybrid of Utahraptor with Spinosaurus so far nothing different…

Well the Velociraptor gen 2 could be Echo…

Brachiodontosaurus would be nice. Meat shield herbivore.

independently I want Alive hybrids too :+1:

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Like this guy

Magnapyritor,but everybody is occupied, Dimetrodon is busy,so are pyroraptor and Irritator.

Megalosuchus? Are you serious? Have you went though how game breaking that will be? Gorgosuchus is a tournament legendary hybrid,so Megalosaurus S DNA and Gorgosuchus will be game breaking. We do need more amphibians,but not in this way.

Quetzorion? Sorry but Pteraquetzal is occupied(at least Pteranodon is) ,and tanycolagreus is a VIP creature,so it cannot be fused. They could use Tanycolagreus S DNA,but first we need multiple hybrids in the game for Pteraqetzal to be possible.

If they introduce Purusaurus, Purrolyth can be a good tournament hybrid. Gemini Titan is not possible,cause Koolasuchus is a ingredient of Koolasaurus,Diplodocus is a component of Ankylodocus,Arambourghiana is not in game. Forget Bajatanodon for now , Bajadasaurus,Edmontosaurus,Iguandoon,none are yet here

If some alive hybrids came to reality, most would just be downright broken and overpowered.

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But most of all I want megalasuchus

Which is going to be the worst thing,I mean look, Gorgosuchus is the best amphibian,we need amphibian glass cannons,but something that balances the effect of gorgosuchus. Not anything stronger than it. Ostaposaurus is light years away from gorgosuchus